September 23, 2021

19 thoughts on “Agent Provacateurs in the Black Consciousness Community

  1. How are we going to come "together" with the unalike without us mentally reaching one accord? How is that not "mixing, tampering and diluting" it? Everything & everyone got its place and by allowing the unalike to come into the midst, you end up with your pearls cast before swine. Those people are Israelites, Nuwabians, etc etc FOR A REASON. We don't need to be warring with them or concerning ourselves with their personal ciphers but we also don't need to act dumb to reality either.

  2. Excellent post . Supreme, you hit the nail on the head. There are people who really believe that Jay Z is part of the illuminati. All I can do is SMDH. Like you said, there aere no people of color in the illuminati.


  3. i agree on that ahch, you are all potential agents so why point the finger, the dude driving isa potential agent because he wants to save the community, thats nice , but theres no community to save, for us here in the USA, thats why 2/3rds will go down with the whiteman, if the ship is sinking why are you pumping out the water trying to keep it afloat, titanic bitch, let it go, youll never control or be apart of the whitemans world should be your message before going into a good bible verse

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