September 21, 2021

25 thoughts on “Airlines now requiring Covid free certificate | New World Order in place

  1. Wow, you did great. It's time for YouTube trends, a bunch of services that will help you do this, but not al of them will work. So as not to ban the channel. This one seemed to me is good one, at least I liked it: simple and accessible, and the channel is not banned..

  2. I'm a Ghanaian and I love seeing people like you leaving that environment which is not favouring you and moving back to AFRICA. You are most welcome to Tanzania and AFRICA as well, and I hope others will follow your steps as they watch your videos. Welcome back once again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You.

  3. Waaa Gwaan queen ? mi Glad fi si se yuh de in a de madda lan.any way princss,i admire your spirit, can you contact me please i have a jamaican restaurant on the BEACH in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC it is the number one restaurant on Trip Advisor ( MOSHA'S REGGAE LOUNGE ) in Sosua Rep.Dom.I am planng to move to Africa as we speak if the most high will,and i plan to open a restaurant among other things so i can help you when i get there,just send me your email address . I love your spirit and your energy. Like you i pcked up and left america 9 years ago, but i should have gone to africa,now i see whats coming,Africa is the future now for our people because egypt (AMERICA ) is finished the people who want to be pampered and taken care of by america is in for a big surprise, there time is up no more free ride they have been conditioned and brain washed to stay stuck on stupid,every thing is programmed against us ,but not every one will be saved from this .Any way i want to stay in touch with you,One love

  4. I appreciate your consciousness and your love for our people Divine QUEEN Tiffany Banner. It's an honor to hear your voice, listen to your wisdom, and receive the love within your soul. Thank You

  5. Thank you my sista for the info…they want to hold us here for further dissecting! But be encouraged be strong we’ll prevail!!’✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🇯🇲

  6. I want to go to tanzania but I’m not ready. I don’t want to get stuck here. I’m trying to prepare but I’m not financially ready yet. It seems as things are out of my hands. This is so disheartening because tanzania (Magifuli) seemed like the glimmer of hope.

  7. The guidelines are for those who are within Tanzania (Tanzanians and foreigners ) who want to travel outside TZ, especially to those countries that need certified covid free certificates in order to enter in their countries. For more info check ministry of health guidelines website and download the pdf file called Mwongozo – Upimaji wa Wasafiri wa Kimataifa Final Version 20.07.2020-1 To read that translate that doc into english coz is in swahili language 🇹🇿

  8. I saw the same video from traveling sista. Things will get more difficult for us attempting to leave.. But we must stay strong. Here for support Sis.

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