September 21, 2021

25 thoughts on “Alchemical Psychoanalysis of Black Consciousness

  1. we took that myers-brigg test at work (for accountability) and some people took it that were so called introverts one time and took it again and were extroverts. the questions are highly vague making the answers vary. 9 to 11 introvert is a close call. wait 6-12 months later and it may be 15 to 8 extrovert. the results don't hold water. now astrology which is derived from astronomy is much better at finding one's characteristics down to the most secretive fact that you may not share with anyone – astrology will tell it….but you have to secure your full natal chart and not just go off of your sun sign – which is found by knowing the month an day you were born. the natal chart can be found by knowing the country, state, city, day, month, year and time of birth.

  2. Male, All/None/Quantum philosophy, INTJ.
    I will first say the personality test was spot on. It described how I like to think of myself, as well as pointing out my "Achilles heel". That said, I feel I must explain my answer.
    I feel affinity for most of the information provided by all the different groups, and at different times, have identified as one. In my teens, early 20's I subscribed to Islam. Hadith made me leave the faith around 2003 (the age of Muhammad's last wife). I studied with the NOI in Denver (where I lived at the time) and was often told I was waaaaay to militant. In my 20's I was definitely RBG (this was the late 90's/early 2000's mind you, part of the time I claimed Islam as my faith). I tried to start a Paramilitary "Black" resistance, and was told by ALL prospective members that, again, I was too militant (which I REALLY could not understand). After leaving Islam, I studied with Israelites, but also auto-didactically studied Kabbalah, Gnostic esoterism, freemasonry and even Lucifarianism (know your enemy). Their (Israelite's) usage of the KJV was a major problem for me, however, despite agreeing with some of their beliefs ("Black" Hebrews being in Continent, and coming to America via Slavery). Around 2000, I also began to research Kmt philosophy. So I have an affinity for all of the information these groups disseminate.
    Currently, I feel no affinity to these groups (but always to the People). I feel that all of them have different pieces of correct information, but none truly look to the origins. What I mean is that all of these organizations are based on Kmt philosophy, through various conduits. However, Kmt philosophy (I believe) is based on a much older quantum philosophy, parts of which are now held by the Dogon people (please search Laird Scranton–he is a European usurping our knowledge, and his "Whiteness" prevents many from reviewing this valuable info). I believe this knowledge, also paired with the cosmogony of the Twa (so-called Pygmies) is the answer. Problem being, I cannot find ANY information on the ACTUAL beliefs of the Twa; I base that opinion on Kmt saying that they were taught much by them. I know this was an essay, sorry for that.

  3. Thank you so so much for making this! Before you even went on to discuss the four humors, I already made the connections between the four fraternity/cultural organization archetypes and the four elements of the zodiac. As an Aquarius, I instantly identified with the Black Hebrew Isarealites and Phi Beta Sigma in the first few minutes of the video. How delighted I was to see these two associated with air–then the connection with Myers-Briggs (I'm an INFJ) Everything flowed perfectly, spoken clearly and eloquently, backed up by easily researched information, and with a dope Kanye beat underneath it all! Thank you so much brother!

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