September 18, 2023
Aleea - Black Lives Matter (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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30 thoughts on “Aleea – Black Lives Matter (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

  1. When someone going to tell her Black Lives Matter doesn't care about Black Lives. Girl talking about reparations? Reparations is racist and has always been racist because it puts a price on slavery. You can't put a price on slavery because nothing will ever make slavery ok. All we can do is move on and forgive. The proof Black Lives Matter doesn't care about Black Lives is that BLM wants reparations. BLM will only protest and speak out when someone is killed by a cop but are silent on Black on Black crime. I live in Chicago and young Black men are getting shot everyday by other young black men. Wheres BLM demanding for change. Oh yeah that's right there's no profit there so they stay silent. You can't say Black Lives Matter in one area and be silent in the next.

  2. The lyrics and rhymes schemes are really good. I just think this beat confined your flow a Lil too much. U can rap really good tho. Maybe just try different beats that helps u explore a different flow

  3. Oh my God she talks about Caucasian and white privilege what about black privilege awesome gotta do is knuckle their way they claim is racism tell me I’m wrong we need the band her and her father if you vote me for president I will squash this type of disrespect that is showing to the greatest country in the world she talks about white privilege but yet she’s African-American speaking out against the government and nothing happens go over the Russia governor North Korea go over to China and see what happens when you do that so African-Americans have made great progress I will continue to fight for African-American rights but not this bullshit right here

  4. BLM was the biggest scam look up candice owens documentary of (80million went to black lives matterBLM) you look so stupid now it was a scam smh were did that money go go look up candice owens

  5. I love the attempt at open mindedness. lots of facts in here and also some delusions. these bastards talking are being ridiculous. they say your flow is trash but half of these idiots bump ybn nahmir on a daily basis and your flows are almost identical. all in all this was not a BAD song. i can see you are stuck somewhere in the middle on all this. as are most.

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