November 26, 2022

24 thoughts on “Algeria is Burning, Ethiopia Calls on Civilians Help for Tigray War, Kenyan Troops Deployed in DRC

  1. Imagine for the first time after 3,000 year of monarchy and authoritarian rule you get a young nationalist leader who is popular and loved and imagine a US and EU backed rebel group that was in power for 30 years trying to take that away… that's what's happening to us Ethiopians…. everyone here is ready to die than accept another subjugation from US backed puppet party… it's a question of living like servants or dying to save a nation

  2. Ethiopia is fooling itself, trying to attack the Tigray forces like that. They might need to replace their current Prime Minister. Because he's making an ass of himself with that disastrous war of his. Also it's good to have Kenyan troops wipe out bandits and terrorists around the border areas of Congo. The random attacks on civilians need to be put down as soon as possible.

  3. they will make war all over africa
    while your leaders dine at the enemies table. the AU Is a western axis syndicate. you guys are going to wake up either foreigners in your own countries or refugees because of manufactured disparities

  4. Who does the translation for you my sister Ethiopian government asks the people to fight the former ruler now who turns rebel and now listed as a terorist government asks to leave Tigray region in many fake accusations to make sure the farmers can do their job since it’s seeds season tplf didn’t fight the army left now to the news you make dr abey asks all people to do their part farmer to continue to do his farming civil servants to work harder stay the right side of news

  5. I hope these troops are coming in good faith. i don't want no more east countries exploiting us Congolese like Rwanda and Uganda are doing. I consider Kenyans like family. I don't want our relationship go sour.

  6. The French and United states kill the leader of Boco Haram of fear the leader of Boco Haram may speak out of who gave him arms and money to spread chaos in Africans countries.

  7. Who do you recruit soldiers from for your Army? The nationals right and they’re civilians before they become soldiers. That’s what Abiy Ahmed is doing and we have been waiting for this, as a matter of fact it came before we almost lost it and went weather he announced it of not.

  8. African pls help each other fight western and terrorist criminals group Tigray Tplf stand together African now peace ✌️ for Africa ❤️sister we love you and thank you 🙏

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