Aliens vs the Heru Interface

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Aliens, Alien Agenda, Black Consciousness, Great Spirit, Spirits, Soul, Reincarnation.
The HERU Interface vs Aliens. Are Aliens living among us? Is there some sort of Alien agenda or cabal between the world’s elite and Aliens to keep humanity ignorant as they both rape the natural resources of the planet? Apparently, a lot of people, including some very popular figures within the Black Consciousness community, believes that Aliens exist and that the Elite are keeping knowledge of them a secret for sinister purposes.

Aliens have been the subject of human conversation since the beginning of recorded time. Even the top religions in the world mentions Jinns, which are classified as humanoid beings from other worlds. Aliens are like Ghosts; some people believe in them and claim to have seen them while most people dismiss both as superstition. The HERU Interface of Black Consciousness believes that Aliens may exist in some form or another but we refuse to focus on them for several important reasons. Giving time to Aliens is a distraction away from our various issues, if they exist then they don’t appear to be helping Black people, and finally, if Aliens are anything like humans, we all could end up enslaved or colonized by them.


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