September 20, 2021

21 thoughts on “All diaspora Africans moving moving to Africa, don'T ever do these or else!

  1. Hey sis, excellent post, I think you could have added more to the list but it was a good start .

    Other topics ..
    weed smoking , respect for women , traveling at night , tourist night life , general communication etc

    Loving your content..🙏🏾🖤🤎

  2. You're wasting your time. They never listen to advices, sorry. They are AA. They carry Am. passport, which they will never trade with an African country passport. And when they are in America, they refuse to be called Africans. They say they are not Africans, they are African-Americans. Stop being complaisant. They are not stupid. They know what they are doing.

  3. Good advice for the most part. The Gambia has freedom of religion and it would be a shame to trample on the constitution of The Gambia that protects theses rights and not let other people express their religious beliefs in a respectful way.

    Prohibiting people’s rights in one way leads to prohibiting people’s rights in an other way. First you can’t speak, then you can’t meet, then you can’t wear certain types of dress or clothing that identify you with a certain religion or any religion.

    It’s a slippery slope that you don’t want start on.

  4. 💯💯💯Facts about the accent!!! I used to get treated like a tourist when I first started traveling to the Gambia. When I started speaking Wolof, & even some Fula, the Gambians were more welcoming & I even get better prices at the markets 😃

  5. Damn right! Unless you want to get your ass beat- stay out of African politics, its serious when it comes to politics on the continent.The sista is on point with her tips.

  6. If it is important for the diasporan not to isolate themselves, why do continental African isolate themselves when in America? Although I do agree with you on that.

  7. Great advice! Let me just add that there are more than 2 religions in the Senegambian region. Each ethnic group has their own religion despite identifying as one of the two Abrahamic religions named. It would be great if we could be proud of those and offer the same respect to those that choose to exclusively practice those traditional religions. Syncretism has been the way of Senegambia for a very long time. It seems that it’s always respect each other’s choice to practice the Abrahamic religions,however, it seems to be perfectly okay for someone to tell you to stay away from “ idol worshipers” or animism. This is truly not intended to start a debate or even point fingers at anyone, but, just to say that it’s imperative that we respect each other even when you may not agree with the path that they choose. No exceptions!

  8. The Bag family specifically (Rick) (Cynthia)definitely try to push their beliefs and don’t care about if they offend their viewers and supporters they definitely offended Muslims and Christians and when their supporters tried to tell them in the comments that it was offensive what they said and that they should just not talk about religion they replied and I know who it was (Cynthia) said “ why it’s my mouth”.That was heartbreaking because I wanted to support them but that was very rude and I just can’t.Smh. On a good note I appreciate your videos ❤️Keep up the good work.👏🏾

  9. This was very strange to look at a fellow African American Citizen RANDOMLY Changing a School Religious Curriculum to meet his own COLONIAL DEMAND….He knew very well that he can not do this in his own country of The United States of America..

  10. It's funny you say scent b/c I was just in Tanzania for 2 months and the Tanzanians had a very particular scent. A few weeks into my trip I had stopped wearing much deodorant cuz they didn't and I noticed my scent was now similar to theirs. I also noticed they seemed to be a lot friendlier to me around that time too.

  11. Great and wise advice Sis. As for myself my parents taught me to not discuss religion and politics with people. Because, they are personal and can cause tension. I have heard some diaspora born YouTuber’s in Gambia discussing politics and religion and all I could do was shake my head. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    I like your advice to tell them to not treat me as a tourist. I will truly utilize this one if needed in the future. Thank you 🙏🏾

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