September 21, 2023
"All Lives Matter, But...," a New Poem from Royce Mann

Wise beyond his years, 14-year-old debuts a follow-up to his viral standout “” on #ThePreachers.

Titled “, …,” his performance left many in our audience in tears.

Hosted by John Gray, Dr. Jr., and Dr. , is an all-new featuring four dynamic and outspoken preachers who are known for their electrifying and unique takes on pop culture, news events and spirituality.

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46 thoughts on “"All Lives Matter, But…," a New Poem from Royce Mann

  1. what u mean by black lives matter
    if black lives matter why black man out here still rolling with his hammer
    i had a star 9 same time had a dagger
    I had the chop round when sh got mashed up


  2. All the people in the comments, from 2 or 3 or any years, the blm movement was a joke of a movement in 2020, 1b dollars in damage, Blm should stand for big large mansions with how people got played into it, makes no sense how we got to here and now shits down the drain

  3. All I got out of this was more racism. Not only did he include that white people have privileges which that phrase with only divide people more, this kid did nothing but say screw every one else, only black people exist. Prove me wrong. If you can't, maybe you should think for yourself and not let anyone else control what you believe.

  4. I love this but…some people are talking about the “I can’t breathe” thing I don’t feel bad for gorge Floyd because he kicked down a pregnant woman’s door and threatened to kill her and her baby I don’t know if that is false information but 10 people said to me that,that happed before his death.

    Edit:don’t talk this seriously if I’m wrong just tell me if I am but don’t be rude about it tho

  5. Yall know about the white guy killed by a cop the same knee in back 2 or 3 years before the not white guy. But there was no news coverage cause they want there to be a divide

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