May 29, 2023

27 thoughts on “ALL LIVES MATTER VS BLM #shorts

  1. Truth. I'm from Chicago. Look what the black community is doing to their own people. It's terrible. Brothers killing brothers. Highest murder rate is blacks against blacks. Not whites against blacks!!!

  2. Listen known you guys were the first ones to sell your people into slavery and you'll have to be the first motherfukers in history to do it we don't owe you shit

  3. We accept pedophiles in our home! You just told the truth right there! I saw this in a relationship I was in, when his own family validated it during a visit, and his own niece cooked breakfast for him, while her husband asked where his plate was, and knew the history of concern with Uncle T.

  4. This is what I've been saying! I have never been mentally, verbally, physically or sexually abuses from anyone other than my own black family! It's insanity

  5. The n word is only racist when a white person says it. It's a normal part of black people's vocabulary. It's in every part of their society.

  6. I'm a native American girl and I dated a black guy for awhile, and my god the amount of racist "jokes" and comments that he said were mind blowing, it wasn't just to me either, it was to his friends and almost everyone he met. There was one time that I was showing him how dark my skin can get and he actually told me that maybe I should stand out in the sun more so he doesn't have to "explain" to his grandma on why he's dating a "white girl". So please more people need to see this video

  7. Plenty of truths to be told. Not just in your community but go ahead. Give folks more to talk about and more to throw in your face.

  8. I've said it for years !!!! We need more black people to stand up to the ones that are ruining their race ….spread the word!!!! It's all about being Happy, Humble and Helpful!!!!

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