September 22, 2023

32 thoughts on “ALL LIVES MATTER VS BLM #shorts

  1. Biden is better than Trump, yeah, my opinion is not in count, but if president of USA was a Trump, we wouldn't get the help in Ukraine war against Russia, we would die without a world help and weapons from them, now our heroes fighting with russian fucking old as fuck T-34 by Challengers, HIMARSES, Abramses and Leopards, thanks to Europe Union, and USA, we really appreciated ❤️🇺🇦

  2. I cant tell. Is he mad at black people and Joe Biden or just black people. That crime bill was ages ago and it has been addressed and found to have been the wrong move.

    Cool next. This guy is just racist. Edgy hair like that.

    A small song vs years of lost stores. This kid should join Elon on the next trip to the sun

  3. It's really hard to think that guy supports BLM if the first thing he thinks of is how the protest ruined alot of things when it's mentioned and immediately goes to Biden

  4. Frr tho.. I actually had black friends growing up and played bball with.. Turns out I guess they not actually my friends tho.. Fake friends whole time.. Never even once asked for my cell number

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