November 29, 2021

23 thoughts on “ALL Of Your "Leaders" Have Sold You Out!!! Black Consciousness Is Ran By Freemasons!!! #FLATEARTH

  1. 3:16:50
    There was a group of IUIC mfs out here in Richmond,Ca and I got up there since I saw a couple of their videos online of them in NY, etc. I got up close to see what’s up and I got a weird ass vibe from them dudes in purple. One of them was trying to get my number and telling me how they do reunions and where at. I said yeah man I was looking at some other groups preaching but they all masons, he answered well you do know that’s our knowledge and we were the original masons. Hahaha. I played it coo and got up outta there.

  2. Nas is probably the only brother to ever mention the ETHER " the shit that make your SOL burn slow". The battle between them was a Warlock battle of MAGic! They were speaking way above our head.

  3. C'mon man! Pharaoh means the seat or the throne where the king sits western civilization are masters of word corruptions. Donald Trump is president the pharaoh would be the white house.

  4. In order for the ONLY and REAL American Indians(Owners of the Americas, so called "black" Americans) to get OUR land back is to realize that WE are the MAJORITY of these American lands, therefore we are not "black" and must drop terms like that and the n word. We appreciate the information, words have power.

  5. Brother Sanchez, the profanity is hurting my ears. I have ears to hear the truth your are teaching. Thank you for enlightening us, but I ask you to please tone down the profanity. I know I can leave your channel, but I want to stay and learn.

  6. this brotha has alot of points my grandfarther was a freemason my granma was a eastern star i actually have a freemason bible with the masonic sign on the front of it but i cant talk to much about that tho the brotha has a few points and some of what he say is true put it like this every mason has to ride the goat b4 they get in imma stop right there

  7. Good evening brother Sanchez I just wanted to say thank you for giving us the knowledge and correcting and exposing all of the lies and deception that has been enslaving our minds for a long time and I have to rethink and dig even deeper into the cosmology, my mind is open even further and still have so much to ponder and learn, you give the truth without the bullshit but straight forward truth. Thank you brother. Peace

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