September 28, 2023
Altercation Leads to Arrest in Clarksville Over Black Lives Matter Banner

22 thoughts on “Altercation Leads to Arrest in Clarksville Over Black Lives Matter Banner

  1. Embarrassing. Black, white, straight, gay, Christian, Muslim etc etc "we are" the same. Human beings living our lives on planet Earth. Just get on with it and stop the prejudice, it's ridiculous and shameful.

  2. If a white guy got slapped noone would care lol,this little black boy was obviously aggressive walking up towards him,then when he got mollywhooped he went to typical hood black guy fight form which is pitiful lol, black boy should've stayed out of dudes face 😂

  3. WLM has already been proven true.. Now, it's up to people who want this to end to stand up to racist people.

    And for gods sake don't yall want atleast advance our technology and maybe galactic traveling before we start fighting like jeez lets get off this
    planet and explore this galaxy together.

  4. Of course the fat old white guy was arrested and not the innocent black youth and if it was the other way around the innocent black youth would have not been arrested and would have been called a american hero for standing up to racism. This is the bullcrap the pisses people off it's only okay when BLM does it not when other people who are innocent do it.

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