September 19, 2021

44 thoughts on “Amazing Rescue of an African Wild Dog

  1. Listen….i hate hearing people crying about humans….it was an unintentional injury….but these dogs true enemies are other beasts and dieases….if you have such problems wity humans…..than off yourself….all of your garbage is not recycled

  2. Wish conservationist would take heed to my suggestion about since they can't stop poachers and setting traps n snares that at least try to get them to use something like nylin instead of wire bc then at least the AWD would have a chance to chew itself free using it's scissor like sharp sheering teeth to cut threw, where as the intended prey only have vegetation grinding flat molars unlikely to chew threw. That would likely help tremendously. We need to do the best and most we can to help ensure this remarkable species survival done it's man's fault for devastating their numbers, all bc of a misunderstanding, misperception, and sheer ignorance or hatred for them.

  3. 0:03 that opening shot got me, So sad and heartbreaking to see this poor innocent killer bunny a victim of a man-made snare/trap that wasn't even intended for his kind. The I've offered up several alternatives to snares and helping save more AWDs lives in future.

  4. That makes me sick, people need to be more cautious & have more respect for wildlife & not take it for granted, people see this huge swath of land & probably think what difference is this going to make by throwing a plastic bottle in the forest or throwing garbage in the river believe me it all adds up, just like this animal getting tangled up because some asshole didn't give a shit, Africa needs to tighten up it rules & not be so forgiven because of the money.

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