May 22, 2022

34 thoughts on “America Back to Whipping Black People, Eto'o Announce Candidacy, Algeria Bans Moroccan Flights

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  2. Ja the only highly trained army, the Ruwandan Defense Force, annihilated ISIS swiftly within a day or two, in Mozambique. Let that be a lesson to African leaders. If people report seeing ISIS or Al Queda shyt happening on our continent, you don't wait 3 years for the leader of that country and only when expats are murdered, and you get pressure from the West to do something, do you out your massive EGO aside and agree to have highly trained Ruwandan forces sort the problem out quick, quick.
    Don't ever call your neighboring South African defense force again, until you inspect their lunchboxes and gym facilities. Have you ever seen such an overweight and untrained defense force? I haven't. African leaders must not have any say in the deployment of troops. The Chairman of the AU should have the right, without discussion, to deploy troops if African citizens lives and expats are threatened by any rebel groups or terrorists. I never want to sit in Johannesburg again, thinking, Mozambique is like 4 hours away by car, what if ISIS crosses our boarders? No African citizen should fear for their lives. We don't need Rusdian, Chinese, US, French troops on this continent ever. Those who are here should be booted out. The AU needs to take the matter of defense freaking seriously and build the strongest AFRICAN DEFENSE FORCE that is better than the West or East or Europe. This is the African problem, we don't have leaders, except Paul Kagame, who understands these matters. We could employ masses of unemployed youth across Africa to be highly trained, that includes body building and a healthy diet, discipline and motivation. Our African Defense Force should become a super power to be reckoned with. Then and only then, will all these US led rebel groups, terrorist groups etc be stopped once and for all. Our continent must understand this, if we don't start using that useless AU to do its continental work, we are sitting duck's for terrorist invasion and resource theft.

  3. Africa is concerned about poisonous vacs, but not about clean water, fertile land, clean air, and economic distribution of wealth. Stop looking to the very people who are showing us, they don't care about BP!

  4. Correction they were not whipping the migrants. Those reigns are whipped around the horses ears to steer them in the opposite direction. Please verify your news before putting them up.

  5. No one had whips, so no one got whipped!
    You are repeating the Democrats' propaganda.
    All USA Democrats' propaganda are complete lies.
    Don't be a tool of this criminal political enterprise .

  6. Please stop calling the African leaders! Call them African dictators because there's no leader that's has been elected by Africans! African leaders they make themselves a king or prime minister until somebody come take there place by force! And those dictator they are not good for the country and they're not good for the people just for themselves and their families!

  7. Word choices matter. By stating "America is back to whipping black people" implies that only White people are American. A more accrue headline would be "White Americans back to whipping black people"

  8. The continent of Africa must unite in to one Country one people one voice one military one passport one currency one president, that's the only way African will get Respect around the world 🌍

  9. I have been watching from various news channels that there are numerous highly qualified African Doctors in the so-called developed world. I wonder why African leaders, especially the AU, cannot organize and talk to those Doctors. All the time, we hear our leaders crying out to other leaders in Europe and Asia. We deserve this shame as long us we cannot clean up the mess in our house (Africa).

  10. Why are some people complaining about Africa not taking them? Is it at our border that they came? Did they tell you they want to come? Stop blaming all this bs on us, we are not the ones whipping them…

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