October 19, 2021

14 thoughts on “AMERICA WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR AFRICANS: Returnee Shares Her Experience After Moving Back To Ghana🇬🇭

  1. I enjoyed this video but felt uncomfortable with her being asked what part of Africa she was from (unless it was assumed she had taken a DNA test). We already now she was born in America and likely her parents were as well, so she only knows her ancestors are from Africa and therefore so is she. Also, I wonder why it matters. I think we need to move from looking at individual countries into embracing Africa as a whole, it is a much larger pot for us all to call our own.

  2. Emmanuel your posts are totally untrue . Nigerian youth and Nigerian people are the most enterprising people in the hole of the African Continent most of them are highly educated, and are very successful business owners it's only the leaders that have let them down. I take it you have never been to Nigeria. In Ghana there are there are now 3rd generation Nigerians who are now Ghanaians living happily in Ghana.

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