September 18, 2021

39 thoughts on “amerikkka to Tanzania Repatriation Journey | Part 1

  1. Tiff you are very strong in your convictions. This is why you tube took down two of your videos? Already? Those two legged snakes!! The hell with them. I had to replay the videos to see if I heard you correctly say "fuck yeah" I'm out if America FOREVER! Dada you are different and strong as well. I saw at least 6 videos. So yeah watch who you trust. I am with the same advice. We are beautiful ladies strong and ppl want to take advantage of us. But yeah. Lets get to gether. You email?

  2. Hahahaha Tiffany Tiffany My dear sista!! Lol how are you? Hibari Gani! I laughed soooo hard when you said you were leaving America forever. Fuck yeah!! Awesome. I too left the states with a ONE WAY ticket to Tanzania. We must meet. I left on The 5th of August. And when i hear WHY you left I laughed even harder. Im DAR with no or little friends only two people. Let's get together. I have a few Questions i want to share. Face to face. Nit on you tube. Blessings. Your mother is an awesome woman to let you go. THAT is trusting in the most high. Chow. Please respond

  3. About 2 years ago I was taking my 12 years old Daughter to JFK , sending her to her mom in the Bahamas πŸ‡§πŸ‡Έ it was really a stressful time imagining that it would be her first Time flying alone .. But she was smart so I knew she would have been fine , yet still it was stressing. I can’t imagine how your mom felt..

  4. Girl you are a brave young sister. Proud of you and wishing so much success her in Tanzania or wherever you go. We’ve been here for the last two months and is settling just fine. Glad to see you here.

  5. Peace Young Sister! I'm a Older Brother from New Jersey and I've been here in Tanzania since July and will be here until October. I'm in a town called Sumbawanga, which is in South of Tanzania. I'm helping with a school project taking place there. Maybe, wecan sit down and build when I'm about to fly out in October. I'm happy to see a young Sister making your way to one of the BEST COUNTRIES to be in AFRIKA. You're making the best decision. Because, it's so many opportunities for a young Sister like you. #IMDOINGGARVEY #IMGOINGHOMETOAFRIKA β€πŸ–€πŸ’šπŸ’―% ✊🏿

  6. How much money did you leave with? I dont have much money. On unemployment because of covid. Trying to convince my 22 year old son to come. My 27 year old daughter wont come. I am bringing my 16yr son. Working on their passports tomorrow. I need to expedite them. Do you think me have asthma,and sinus issues will be a problem? Thank you for responding?

  7. Hello Tiffany most welcome to Tanzania, a peaceful country in East Africa. Being a Tanzanian, I am overjoyed to see our brothers and sisters from USA returning to mother Africa. Karibu sana.

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