September 21, 2021

4 thoughts on “Amos N. Wilson | Black Consciousness, Psychohistory and an Appropriate Educational Theory

  1. OLMEC DAY (Oct 8) is not a joke. The word hurricane come from the OLMEC (not Mayan) word Hurrakhan (Farrakhan?).
    A God.

    Marcus MOZIAH G. said "Look for me in the WHIRLWIND"
    What he knew?

    Southern S. Amaurica was Patagonia. A land of GIANTS. Giggle Earth it.
    A mega-tsunami bulldozed OUR megacity at Terra del Fuego into a pile of underwater rubble. What crashed into the ocean and caused that hydro-flow?

    The area was surveyed by Admiral Byrds flights (arial) and Nazi submarine operations (underwater).

    They been hauling up classified artifacts for decades. Obama and even the Pope went down there to see OUR artifacts.

    Cemeteries found in Antarctica were full of Mauri OLMEC giants.

    The drawings they show of Patagonian Giants are false and misleading. The drawings show them looking lighter skinned and straight hair like Amazonians. Obscuration!
    Sketchers (living cameras) sailed on all ships. Magellan saw them. Even kidnapped some females (Hanno?) and brought back to Europa.

    The last of the giants died (exterminated?) around the same time as the Tasmanians. Coincidince? Where are the pictures photographed in the 1800's. They exist.

    The true reason for Falkland Island War: Location access. Queen E (UK) wanted to grab her some Tierra del Fuego treasure booty from the Argentinian Jesuwizards (Vatican Nazis).
    Underwater gold & silver.

    Dots connected?

  2. History is the foundation of everything. History to me anchors a nation and is a nations memory.
    I cannot emphasise enough as history is so important, to think otherwise is to deny the validity of the progress and sacrifices of my beautiful beautiful ancestors.
    The enjoyment of my history is my life duty and it's a right!!!!!!

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