March 23, 2023
An ASL interpreter's message: Black Lives Matter

39 thoughts on “An ASL interpreter's message: Black Lives Matter

  1. What if I believe that you all are being played, in so many ways? You are being used. By whom, you tube will not let me speak their name. Or I would tell you.

  2. BRAVO! (Yes I’m shouting!) Thank you and could you possibly make a short video teaching us slowly how use important phrases! I stand with you; no justice no peace; we shall overcome [today]


  4. My daughter is deaf and as a family we use asl, I’m happy to learn how to sign blm!! And I promise you as a non African American I will sign black with only one finger, keep up what you do for the deaf culture salute!!

  5. I am a professional sign interpreter…you are just an interpreter. Stay out of politics and stop taking sides and one day you might be a professional.

  6. When a black man kills a white guy he faces justice. When a white guy kills a black guy he's "had a bad day", or gets taken to Burger King on his way to jail. That is until the Arbery killing. We still have yet to see how that plays out. But the police kill both and constantly get away with it. THIS is why you have BLM? And until this stops All Lives WILL NEVER Matter.

  7. If you decided to donate to Soros funded BLM, go to the official BLM site and click on "Donate" button. It will take you onto a different page/site with url "actblue" What is "actblue" ? ActBlue is a nonprofit technology organisation established in June 2004 that enables Democrats, progressive groups, and left-leaning nonprofits to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software. It has a rule that any donation which was not claimed within 60 days goes to Actblue and they can channel it wherever they want. Now go on site "", put "actblue" in search and look at Summary. It shows that in 2020 — one and a half billion dollars! Click on "Donors" button and discover regular $5000.00 donations from "unemployed". It does look a bit like money laundering, does it? Click on "Expenditures" and see that , over one BILLION dollars (almost everything that went through "Actblue") are spend on "Contributions to federal candidates, committees and national parties"! "Expenditure" does not mention a single social project for black people or any other poor. Scroll down to "Top Vendors/Recipients" and … number 1 — Bernie 2020; 2 — Biden for President; 3 — Elizabeth Warren Presidential Exploratory Cmte; 4 — Pete for America; 5 — Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte; etc. Beautiful, isn't it? The whole BLM global riot, death and destruction is for the sake of raising extra funding for fake "socialist" and Democrat's presidential elections!

  8. Love what you are doing! Thank you for helping those that can not hear the truth! Thank you for your services!😁👍Be well stay safe and God bless you and your family.

  9. And how does a person that's not white sign "White" out of respect? I have been learning how to sign to help others & I see how you signed Black out of respect & BLM but how do I correctly sign that everybody's life is ESSENTIAL & do I sign African American or Black? Thank you!!

  10. Once again the mainstream media only reports what interests them and helps them rake in $$$$ from dirty politics.
    Yes I agree, Mr. Floyd should not have been treated the way he was by the authorities, however, how many ppl on this planet know the past and present of this now-deceased person.
    Watch this video for more insight: Candace Owens: "I DO NOT support George Floyd!" & Here's Why! | Durtty Daily

  11. I've been looking for this for a while now! Most of the things I'd seen shared only showed how to say Black Lives Matter in fingerspelling. I'm so happy to finally know how to sign it, and how to sign it in a way that's respectful.

  12. The sad thing is that I would like to share this video with my colleagues who are deaf, but even though this video is about deaf people is not captioned. So they are left out again.

  13. I watched your video and greatly inspired. I am an interpreter at Antioch Baptist Church North. I have no idea why God bestowed this skill unto me, but my love, my passion is interpreting for the hearing impaired.

  14. I just saw her on the news, texting, scratching her weave and her back, while Mayor Garcetti was giving an update of the impact of COVID-19 on the city. They cut her camera off, then when it came back on, she was talking on the phone. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. I'm quite taken aback by her statement! She signs the word for white person wrong first of all! I'm in the Deaf culture I was raised in the Deaf culture and both my parents were born Deaf! My mother went to Bruce Street School for the Deaf in Newark New Jersey and then continued her education at Trenton School for the Deaf in Trenton New Jersey! My father went to school for the Deaf in Pennsylvania! I am in the Deaf community as well I am a CODA Children of Deaf Adults! I have never seen racism in my culture nor my community! Are you kidding me? When a Deaf person meets another Deaf person, I can guarantee you that they are not looking at anything…. you could be a purple alligator they are just happy they met someone to sign with! Believe me Deaf people can go on for hours and hours communicating with each other! I remember as kids my siblings and I would say Mommy and Daddy are still in there talking? 😩
    And the same goes with me when I meet a Deaf person, forget about it…. we're just signing our lives away! 😂 So what this interpreter is saying, it is news to me! Being Deaf is a very lonely world and very isolated as well.
    I remember as a child, my mother kept in touch with all of her Deaf friends from school my mother always got together with her friends and their husbands and my dad and yes, there were a lot of us CODA'S that play together! I grew up in a very multicultural Deaf community and I am proud to be a CODA and I thank my parents for giving me the gift of sign language!

    And one last thing growing up was hard having two parents that were Deaf we have to become the parents because we have to do all there talking for them! I was born in the 60s… I saw my parents being made fun of and as well being taken advantage of many times calling them deaf and dumb as well as making fun of their voices! I always watch out for Deaf people! I could tell within seconds if someone is Deaf! There have been times that I myself use the Deaf card and I saw the reactions on a hearing person face as though I might have this contagious disease! Just learn how to say hi in American Sign language or how are you? A Deaf person would really appreciate that! Just careful because you might be there for hours with them just signing your life away 🤣! ✌🏼✌🏼🤟🤟🤟
    And to The interpreter please don't divide us Deaf Black against Deaf Whites we're just Plain old Deafies…. Godspeed ✌🏼🤟

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