September 18, 2021

41 thoughts on “An inside look at France's forced repatriation process

  1. Did you know, people who are getting departed ' ARE NOT FREE ' in almost every country they are held in a Detention Center aka PUBLIC JAIL until their Court Date, This usually takes 8-12 months or longer, Remember they are not charged with a crime. But are held as if they have been. They share a cell with people who have done something illegal, they are escorted by police in handcuffs, transported in locked cars/vans. I've spent time speaking to many people through my job, that have also been through this. Watch ' ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – Last season, they hit it right on the nose. Good luck to you all !!!

  2. so almost 15k for every illegal you send back. with about 300B we can send them all back. that's not too much money for the EU. If they stay for 2 years in the EU they will get double that amount from financial aid services paid by European taxes. So is an investment.

  3. These deportations are too expensive per person. Why not fly them back home in military planes, and when they are near enough to their destination, why not parachute them out of the plane? Surely this would deter them from wanting to return. It would also save money at airports for landing fees, etc. Also it doesn't help matters that they are taken in by rescue ships in the first place.

  4. Its simple..stop making the country so attractive for these refugees and they will go home at their own free will..unless they are serious about contributing and adapting

  5. France has double standards , they are quite happy to escort illegals across the channel to the UK despite being paid billions to stop them . I don't know what the solution is

  6. God does not beat you with a stick! I see the great powers of Europe realizing their own trianon.
    They will experience what they did with Hungary in 1920.
    Because of work, that is, economic interest, our lord brought into the country the daughters and sons of the peoples of the surrounding countries at that time. By 1914, almost half of Hungary's population did not speak Hungarian. not a small part of this resulted in the Trianon order of peace.
    Did anyone translate the Hungarian proverb and meaning? "Give the tót accommodation, and he'll drive you out of your own house."

  7. I think Africans are just following or tracking where their resources are taken, they want our resources but they don't want us 😂😂😂😂.

  8. borders are artifical and facist, you cant dictate to anyone what they personally do with their lives including where they personally decide to move… anywhere in the world is none of your buisness, any creature on this planet has the right t move wherever it wants and any time it wants, all the people in the comments who support borders are literal clowns

  9. In Switzerland they just refuse to do a pcr test and therefore can't get deported. Since the cost of holding them in the deportation facilities is very high, they are allowed to move freely in Switzerland 'until further notice'.

  10. Someone here said prevention is better than cure. That could be a good idea, birth control the countries that are simply producing high numbers. Never mind global warming, there won't be the space to feed everyone at the rate some of these countries are having kids.

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