An Ounce of Consciousness Is Worth a Ton of Creativity | Peter D’Almeida | TEDxColombo

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Any successful action can only start with a clear identification of the problem at hand. This, Peter says, is what is missing in society. He emphasized that nothing operates without the participation of the masses. A collective consciousness. Peter D’Almeida is the Managing Director and Chief Executive of N*able, a technology services company which today employs over 180 people. With a career that spans nearly three decades in a series of industries both locally and abroad- he was also the CEO of Millennium ESP.

Alongside IT, and his involvement with the labour rights movement in the 1980s, Peter has had a parallel career in the Arts, as an actor and a director. He has starred in plays, television dramas and films.

Today, Peter has gained traction as a public speaker for a variety of forums across the education, business and technology sectors, focusing on the importance of creativity and the need to push past the narrow boundaries that confine our personal, professional and political lives. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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Comment (47)

  1. what a important speech with great flaw its great to hear he is talking what we are missing in our community as well some dangerous issues that we are facing.we need more people like u to develop the country.we want a man like u as a president not like hitang.ounce of action is worth ton of theory

  2. Dear Peter It was a good speech you made and it took me back 1973 the last time I meet in St. Benedict's College Kotahene. You are still the Peter i'v known. Nice to listen to you. Regards Authbert.'

  3. Amazing Speech Sir! such a great inspiration and presentation, this country needs more people like you! "Any successful action can only start with a clear identification of the problem at hand. is what is missing in society – Mr. Peter Almeida"

  4. I love the Maldeniya character , now I love Almeida more than any personality in Sri Lanka. I want to request every young man in Sri Lanka, try to walk on the foot steps of him with you own skills. You will be in a place where you have never thought of you would have reached. See his speech, talents and his healthy body. Love you man…


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