An out of state armed Militia member explains how the Police encouraged them to shoot “Black Lives Matter” Protesters. He says this twice, once at the 0:35 mark & again at the 6:50 mark. The Fox News freelance reporter who shoots most of this video admits on camera that he was present during the Police collusion with the Militia, but all through this video the Fox News reporter acts as if he has no knowledge of the Police / Militia agreement.

I saw on “The Young Turks” (TYT) a similar video confession by a Militia member telling others from his group that they have the cooperation of the Police. The guy looked a lot like Kyle Rittenhouse. But with the massive amount of materiel online I gave up trying to find that confession but the two that I did find are proof positive that the Police conspired with the right wing to shoot “Black Lives Matter” Protesters.

I want to make clear five points shown in this video. If you want to discuss any or all of the five points then please chime-in. But if you want to defend the shooter then May I respectfully suggest that you contact the court that’s charging the shooter with murder, they would have a better perspective on that than me.

1. The Police conspired with out of state armed Militia members to shoot :Black Lives Matter” protesters. If you watch the entire video this is said twice by one of the heavily armed Militia members, once at the 0:35 mark & again at the 6:50 mark.

2. The reporter in the video attended the Police / Militia meeting and withheld that information because it did not match the right wing narrative.

3. The reporter made statements in his own video that miss-leads the viewer to believing he knew nothing while acting neutral in this matter when he is not. Its one thing to withhold information, its another thing to actively lie about it.

4. Why are the Police working with the Boogaloo Boys. Since 2019, at least twelve people affiliated with the Boogaloo movement have been charged with crimes, including the killings of two security and law enforcement officers in May and June of 2020. They used the George Floyd protests as cover to attack two Santa Cruz County sheriff deputies on June 6 2020. The Boogaloo Boys attacked the police with guns and several improvised explosive devices, one of the Police officers died as a result.

5. Why doesn’t the right wing condemn “Cop Killers”? The Santa Cruz County sheriff’s Office has charged two Boogaloo Boys with murder. Steven Carrillo and Robert Justus. The FBI indicates that they’re associated with the Boogaloo movement, a loosely organized American far-right extremist movement whose participants say they are preparing for a second civil war.

This is my opinion but I believe the Militia member when he revealed the intentions of the Police & I believe the Fox News freelance reporter when he acknowledged that he attended the Police / Militia meeting.


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