December 7, 2021

10 thoughts on “ANCESTRAL VOICES: Spirit Is Eternal | Film & Discussion

  1. My grandparents and members of my family are non practising Christians. I've Since 5yo have been VERY VERY spiritual, and we and my friends colleagues etc have NEVER EVER had a problem). I do not practice the altar tradition. I have various items at various places within my home (àgain scare my few visitors) whatever is required i.e. salt in a dish where it is damp, plants where oxygen is needed, water where precipitation/mist/carbon monoxide is required. I sing in my shower or when I do cleaning rituals, and as someone who sings alot I use those positive vibrations as my prayers modifying wherever possible, incense candles throughtout the home. A form of entire home forcefield adding/taking accordingly. Then feng shui those items or add accordingly. Balanced atmospheric home. Clean music, good clothing walking talking and doing. 1% negativity to holdfirm to my positivity caused me so much trauma. Those NOT in the KNOW, especially my age, can get spooked easily, even older folks. Luckily, I am from a city who get the POSITIVE aspects of African spirituality.

    I NEED crystals specific to my ailments and home requirements and used to use alot of water based/water retaining food ingredients (Oshun/ocean). It agrees with my skin hair weight. I had a brilliant GP who thought the same also, very instrumental in my health regime as well as my personal trainer. I do like meat but break off from time to time with veg curries/salads only. 8 litres of water per day (Oshun truly agrees with me).

    I've always and will always LOVE BE.INg African, I just need my vibrations life and autonomy back up up again.

    The above practices also helped when dealing with young children in my family and in my care job, so much so they called me for shidts time again AND I have loads of cards thanking me for my assistance.

    Living in my ASCL I have attained longterm loving relations friends and amorous.

    Thete are elements of AS in religion and some DON'T EVEN KNOW IT!
    I AM VERY VERY GRATEFUL for finding you as you go that bit deeper, as through the religious books I have some questions in science which you may be able to help with, that can add to my African spiritual centred living experience.

    Thank you guys, you've been a true blessing I needed to find you 10years ago to bulster me when I started going through trauma and whilst I accept good hearted people prayers from all religions, I needed more. Please TAKE no offence. I would still attend my own church as it's African centred.

    Thank you Dalian for discussing the satanic ritual abuse, this is very traumatic and in just 1% fighting off, going to sort source, facing, moving away from and even slightly adapting to the source to cull it has caused more angst anxiety trauma ailments distress sexual and love trauma and familial trauma than I've ever known.Thank you Sir for addressing this, it needs bringing to light and eradicating!!!

    Asantê Sana

  2. YENGE (Salutation Kongo)
    Je ne Comprends pas l'anglais, mais j'aime écouter quand même la VOIX DE NOS ANCÊTRES
    Je sais que L'ESPRIT Kapte Tout à Mon Insu, et Cela Réjouit Mon Âme 💥☀️🌴💦

  3. Powerful information. Brother Terry R from BlackIce Tv lead me to this video from some of his other great recommendations. Peace and much respect to you Shaka Ra ✨

  4. WELL'WELL I'm just saying thank you so much for this evening powerful "DISCUSSION ABOUT THIS POWERFUL AND CLASSIC DOCUMENTARY" I'm just saying in my opinion it is truly amazing and HISTORICAL/HISTORIC SITES THAT DID NOT KNOW. AGAIN THANK YOU. "BLACK FIRST"

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