September 28, 2021

41 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: SACRED RHYTHMS LEAD TO UNSEEN REALMS (Season 7) | History

  1. The static signals in the humans brain are sinking up to the pulsed rhythm of the spinning pulses quasar's when the Earth's magnetic fields are at there lowest point s a natural accuracy that only happens every ten or more thousands of years welcome to Aquarius Pisces

  2. "Rhythm is a dancer" for sure and that can also stimulate the brain. There's nothing special about it. Everything else is just a cultural blend of beliefs. By the way, "rhythm is a dancer " was a song by SNAP.

  3. you all give aliens so much credit for whats Gods. Those that dwell in the secret place of the Most High,shall abide in the shadow of the All Mighty. And them that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will walk and not be weary, They shall run and not faint.

  4. All of this Shaman deep outlook into stuff for 1000s of years and they did not come up with anything useful yet like: lets not take each other lands, or lets not kill other humans because we are all spiritual beings.

  5. In my opinion it's all about sound and waves echoing through your mind and outward. Those so call gods are able to pick those up and could be a form of nourishment or just entertainment from another world or dimensions.

  6. Then how come individuals that acheive enlightenment like eckhart tollie and Sadhguru have accomplished this enlightenment without drugs and they carry and have connected to the source in everlasting bliss and can literally sit somewhere for hours upon end inna meditative state not being aware of how much time is passed. Seems like plsychelics dont instill that permanence and they may be entirely unrelated realms relative to real astral projection and real experiences of no longer identifying yourself being inside a body and the muscle tension rather the outside world and everything that is weightless/nothingness like air is what you identify with.

  7. Once it gets in the hands of the universities and scholars the potential for abuse is tremendous. Native Americans and other shamans are the only ones I would trust with such power.

  8. Everyone should know these are demons they speak to voodo – witchcraft-spirits – card readers. Dont be fooled by theses shows that want you to think this is ok pray in the name of Jesus. Christ to God Jehovah

  9. At first when I first started to follow this theory I was sceptical but as I learn more of the history, and what all the accident cultures achieved the evidence is almost indisputable and overwhelming that aliens must have had a hand in our past and we DO NOT know our own story of origins

  10. I am constantly in touch with other realms. I believe that you can alter states with props. But some people can tune on to other realms without props. It's like a radio frequency…. tune on to the frequency and you tune onto other realms.

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