Join me on Monday June 1st at 12PM Eastern as I discuss the connection between ancient Sparta (Greece), its culture and psychology, in relation to modern police brutality in the United States and Europe. Many persons in the African-American community can’t comprehend why European ‘authority’ figures and police are so violent here in the United States. Many are still of the belief that they can “appeal to their humanity” to stop the violence by engaging in civil discourse and protests with them. What these persons fail to understand is that the violent and brutal behavior of the police, and other militarized organizations in the U.S., is part of a long standing culture going as far back as 300 BCE. I argue in this presentation that this behavior finds its origin in the historical record among the Greeks in general, and the Spartans in particular. Greece is alleged to be the foundation of Western “Civilization,” and it is from this source where we must look for the cultural, psychological, and inspirational origin for the culture of brutality here in the U.S. and other locations where Europeans have traveled. This will be a very informative discussion and one you do not want to miss. So like, set your reminder, and share with friends and colleagues. References to the discussion are provided at the bottom of the description.

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