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Reggae icon Anthony B teams up with Reggae Vibes Music to release the visuals of his captivating single “Black and Proud.” The release contains every element to get listeners grooving and uplifted.

“Black and Proud” contains lyricism and an uplifting vocal performance by Anthony B that will hook the listener. The lyricism spotlights black pride and consciousness and has every element to be the anthem of the movement.

Undoubtedly, “Black and Proud” is a testament to Anthony B’s innate talent. Through this release, the renowned artist takes on the recent racial problems and turns them into a positive commentary filled with pride and positivity.

“Black and Proud” offers soothing instrumentation with a strong message that will have listeners wanting more. As Anthony B states, “The message of the song is about being proud of who I am and ready to stand up and say it loud. It is to uplift our self-esteem as a people and as a race.”


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