May 22, 2022

31 thoughts on “Anti -French Former President Laurent Gbagbo Back in Ivory Coast After ICC Acquittal

  1. Anti-French? Do you know him? Laurent Gbagbo is not anti-french please. His first wife is French. The mother of his son Michel is French. Jis best friends are French. He just wants fair trade between the Ivory Coast and France. Ivory Coast is an independent country bit France still in charge of all are resources. Please tell the truth. Thanks

  2. 🇨🇮 not really ⚽The ex. Pr Laurent Gbagbo ,he is not anti franch,before its presidency, during and after his presidency ,he always has a partenership with franch(the first economical partener of France in west Africa is Nigeria) The ivory cost issues is like other African countries,pr Gbagbo was the best opposition leader vs the 1rst pr Felix houphouet Boigny, pr Gbagbo was speeking up against socioeconomic injustice system , inequalities ,messy immigration, demography, pr Felix houphouet Boigny vision was an Ivory cost of capitalism,hospitality,(like the US & Bresil is why=capitalism they are lots poverty in those countries)when he became president, he couldn't resolve any of those issues,he said the people from the north side of the ivory cost are not real ivorians(he marginalised them) there were more cases of xnophobia, tribalism,than ever in the country ( Arabs, Europeans destabilized ,colonized, exploited Africa from 7th- 20th century), before Europeans invaded Africa (The ivory cost ect) these wasn't a real border between African countries ,in 1893 France brought millions of Africans from the neighborhood countries to the ivory cost, to work in plantations (cacao, coffee, banana ect)the ivory cost populations were not enough to satisfy the workforce in those massive plantations ,pr Gbagbo slogan is the refoundation, the ivory cost for ivorians ( like pr Danald Trump USA 🇺🇲 mary lopen🇨🇵 in France there are nationalists ) after its independence, immigrants keep coming in the ivory cost with out a real immigration system or enforcement ,in short; the ivory cost has been built with the inequality system , certain familles have privilege others are lefted behind , messy demography, immigration , bureaucracy, budgetevorism ,communitary tensions for socioeconomic injustice reason, led to the belligerency/ rebellion / pr Ouattara is another case ,99,9% of institutions like the African union, Europeans union, united nations are for the PR 🇨🇮 Ouattara for a good reason

  3. Why is the dude with the microphone screeching so loud and swearing? Why should a crowd of such magnitude caravan through streets and highways just to meet a politician at the airport? He could've simply made his point without that much incitement. No African youth capable of thinking out of the box would support a French puppet in African nations though. Religious and ethnic driven conflicts are problem types no African nation needs right now. Let's vote out colonial puppets but we shouldn't let ourselves be politicians puppets as well.

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