June 5, 2023
Antifa Under Attack! - FBI COINTELPRO Infiltration

Greetings comrades.

Today we discuss the troubling trend of fake Antifa members now, with verification, entering into Antifa actions and demos posing as real Antifa such as what happened in . We touch briefly again on the ‚Äč situation and then dive deeper into what we believe is largely the main source of these disruption attacks. Finishing the video off with a message to the trolls and infiltrators.

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30 thoughts on “Antifa Under Attack! – FBI COINTELPRO Infiltration

  1. who knew that using explosives and chemical agents against an unarmed rally in Berkeley would make you guys look like terrorists. Strange world.

  2. If you actively PLAN to go to a 'rally', equipped with 'armor' (football pads, motorcycle jacket, etc), sticks, poles, some kind of shield, while wearing some form of mask to protect your cowardly identity, then what you're PLANNING to do is riot, commit battery, assault, and disorderly conduct. This IS the quintessential definition of fascism… forcefully suppressing the voice and opinion of those whose opinion and point of view differ from your own. And as one who is there to actively PRACTICE fascism, then you deserve every single punch to the throat you may receive.

  3. FALSE claims of throwing bricks and fireworks?! Dude, its all on video, clear as day, video taped by almost a dozen people or more. You are either lying to keep up with your cognitive dissonance or are delusional.

  4. Cointelpro is exactly what all the top ANTIFA leaders are. Paid to create the division and anger to destabilize the country. Divide and conquer is what Cointelpro specializes in and ANTIFA's entire movement is divide and conquer rhetoric.

  5. Antifa is a massive cointelpro operation. Many useful idiots signed on, but do not be fooled. They have two goals; divisiveness and broader definitions of "terrorists"(the people with no legal rights). So far it is working perfectly.

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