May 22, 2022

44 thoughts on “Archaeologists Find Most Important Archaeological Site in a Century Lost Golden African City

  1. I feel sorry for the desperation felt by some for some kind of historical empowerment for black Africans, Egypt was nothing to do with dark black Africans , dna showed they were most likely Turkish type people , sudenes light skinned people claim to be Egyptian and they are very like Turkish/Iranian /Europeans

  2. Zahi Hawas? I thought this fool was fired after the take down of Mubarak? cant trust this dude, he is against the research of true Egyptian history and time line. he is like an elite puppet working to hide real information that could shed light on earths true history.

  3. As long as the city is acknowledged as an ALL black inhabited city then everything is good. The current Egyptians today who are Arabs ARE NOT the ORIGINAL inhabitants of Egypt and Egypt isn't the country's original name. The original name is Kemet which means Black Land because of the rich and fertile black soil.

  4. I would love to see a museum with Julius Caesar’s & Constantine remains. Some of they’re private libraries and jewelry collections also. That would be awesome. Put them on display…oh right… why would anyone do that to their own ppl. It’s dishonorable and unethical. It’s only done to the remains of another’s people’s past monarchs.

  5. what's hilarious is you have all those Black upper Egyptians there behind hawas, and they will claim the remains were not Black. That's probably their ancestors.

  6. Alotta people know the truth, that's why it is important to speak with tribal Elders that keep the oral history of their people I.E the Nilotic people, The Maasai, Ethiopian n Somali Elders that haven't accepted Abrahamic religions or aren't able to seek knowledge when it tells them 2 in their scriptures bcuz their blinded by wat I dnt know it says to seek knowledge, Negro Phenotypes are found in statutes n carvings all over the world even in the Middle East.

  7. These Eygptian archaeologists are racist and have been trying to europeanize and Arabise Ancient Egyptian artifacts since the "independence" of Eygpt.

    Black archaeologists (who are not brainwashed)need to be in there to tell us the actual truth of this find.


    Stop letting these Arabic people twist our heritage. Every 'Ancient' city they'll find in Kemet or any of the Sudanese territories are all too old to be anything but African and that's just common sense not even history or scientific.

  9. They need to put the bodies of our ancestors back in their resting places! They know ancient Egypt was an African civilization. Respect the dead.

  10. The stars have aligned since January 2019 . There will be many discoveries because our father in Heaven has allowed it. Look at the plague we currently face, look at the female presidents in Africa , look at the things in the dark coming to the light. I’m excited to see what proofs they will find in this New/old city of a great king and what God our father has planned next. Believe me great signs & wonders are still to come.

  11. Why they always digging in Africa and Egypt which is in Africa but anyway they know that's were life started they don't dig in the middle east they don't dig in rome or greece but yet they still lie and denies the truth

  12. More desecration, they have a dwindling tourist economy, publish the Dna data or let them stave. Now trying to whip up interest. sickening.

  13. They will try to hide the lot in smithsonian museums or the deep archives of the British museum where we can't see it and photographes can't be taken.
    That's why I object to the destruction of historical status. Leave them up but let's find out the truth about the eroded history.

  14. Good find… Its just appeared on my wireless(●'◡'●)ノ♥ Need more history about these lost cities♡ℒฺℴฺνℯฺ♡♡ℒฺℴฺνℯฺ♡♡ℒฺℴฺνℯฺ♡ great job… I'm excited (˘❥˘)

  15. Many Arabs/Muslim countries are so very close and united to antiquity in your research interests, your culture that blocks your mind and visions of the future development of this planet. Despite the billions of dollars that you spend since the discovery of hydrocarbons in your countries, poverty and economic misery , are increasing due to the galloping population growth ….

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