September 16, 2021

29 thoughts on “Are African American Women Moving To Ghana And Spending All Their Money on Younger Ghanian MEN??

  1. The actual question is, do the African men that have means and resources for a wife, do they marry black American women? In my observation no they don’t. There are plenty of African men that can afford a decent life for him, wife and children but they rarely marry foreign. A wealthy African man, not unless she is leveled up gorgeous all the time damn near famous. But y’all don’t want to have that conversation.

  2. Not all Black Women ask for black men with a whole list of stuff. We do ask not to be played. Again, usually the ignorant ones are the people with the loudest voices. Listen to the people NOT on YouTube talking all the time. Those women usually are sane.

  3. This debate is so biais. This is why as african I think the return of black american to the continent has to be framed legally unless we will people who say they are black and african but behave with a superiority complex towards indigenous african. Oshay has biais question. who do you think you are to believe that because you are tall, you earn and have a lot money, you will have a successful enriching long relationship? this is the reflection of 16years old guy of the west or in america ( is a bit different in european latin countries) . this is what the western societies of advertisement teaches you that if you are tall you are beautiful, you have money you will be happy. In africa men don't spend their time at the gym, men are first centered on their clan and tribe . women in many countries in Africa are independant as they are the parent that will raise the kid. I think is a superior complex by saying oh as i am a tall rich handsome black american i worth more than an indigenous black african who is short and poor. You will fulfill nothing in Africa if you have this background position when you start any business or relation. after you will complain that white people have superior stands. please leave black women alone. you black guys are always running to marry white girls, running to have white women in colombia, brazil…while black are always looking and marrying black brothers. sisters follow what you want to fulfill. this debate is so biais and carry a desastruous black american superior complex over indigenous african men.

  4. Let's cut the bs. These American sistas are not going to Ghana and getting high value men. They are paying for broke young men who look good. They are not dating Ghanaian doctors and lawyers. Most of these sistas that are looking for these African young men and they often are old and/or overweight. Good for them but lets keep it real. The reason they pick these men in Africa is the same reason they pass quiet stable black men in the United States. Because they are looking for swag and D. Not all but a lot. Otherwise they would be looking at older more stable African men and not these young broke guys. Asking them is a waste of time though because most of them will not be honest about it.

  5. That just sounds stupid. Not every BW from America, who can afford to travel, is out to pay for/buy/take care of a BM in Ghana. Stop putting every BW in a box.

  6. On the issue of height, you do know we got the same genes right 😀? West African kids brought up in the states aren't shorter than AA kids (it's all just the diet). Same for Asian Americans in the US and the ones still in Asia (there's no difference after a generation born in the US)

  7. I don't mean any DISRESPECT but oshay is saying ignorant things and comes across as having some self esteem issues.
    I am a Ghanaian woman and all I could do is shake my head thinking here we go with the "Black narrative"
    1.Should've had a mix of Ghana man to make the discussion non basis
    2. Diasporans are not considered as all
    3.The same sufferings African American woman experience Ghana woman experience also…
    My South African bro is well educated but is jobless due to laziness and he lives in the USA for over 20 yrs..and married
    4. For the woman speaker dating a younger man in Ghana is fine but to marry over his mother's dead body and if the family is open PLEASE KNOW THAT THERE IS A HIDDEN AGENDA and once reached ur done with
    5.I am a Ghana woman living in the USA for many years and I have the same standards dating my own as well as an non Ghanaian man…
    6. Only a woman that does not know her self worth or suffers from low or no self esteem will continue on allowing men of no substance into her life regardless of ethnicity
    7.Aint mad dey small boy dey chop money from suga mama.
    My advice if.u want to move back to Africa LEARN THE LANGUAGE most spoken as much as u can.
    AFRICANS are hospitable but not inclusive however if u chose to be we will take in with open arms and some will 419 u or attempt to

  8. Rich African women do the same. Rich White women do it too. What is the big deal? The same way rich men buy younger ladies with money, it seems a no-brainer.

  9. Lol, ex husbands and young bucks to trick on. Yea, y’all doing great over there! You get to date like men. Congrats! But you’re still unmarried and unable to find a man to provide for you! Why you ain’t found a provider in the vast continent of Africa and Europe together though? That’d be the question. Can you get someone in Africa or Europe to trick on you? If not you’re the problem!

  10. The global black community needs to stop this type of competition, these are the division that the western world have set us up against each other, we need to come together under ACUP unity party to change the narrative

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