September 20, 2021

41 thoughts on “Are Black Americans Cowards For Moving To Africa To Escape WS?

  1. We’re wrong if we fight, we’re wrong if we walk away. If all minorities left America, would poor white people be the new “black” people? I can’t help but wonder..

  2. I told a guy from 🇺🇲 to buy land in kenya, he bought it and planted trees. And he go back in 🇺🇸. After 5yrs he came , he didn't regret. When you come in Africa, don't come with your ego, prepare to learn and take care, alot of conmen in Africa. 50,000usd you have a 🏰.

  3. Phil it aint even that deep bro.

    If Black Americans are "escaping" they would be going to a place like Russia, South America or Europe.

    If Black Americans go to Africa it is a return to their roots. If people don't understand that they just too simple to reason with to begin with. You got better things to do with your time brotha. Stay blessed.

  4. watching this a year later and moved to Kenya not prefect but 1000% better. still not 100% done in the move still go back and forth building up my life.

  5. I think so, in a way. I understand why they do it, but I wouldn’t dare leave a land that my ancestors built to the people who exploited them in order to have it built.

  6. Young man I 'm so glad that you have the nerve to speak the truth . I don't have much accept my pride and thank you so much. Somebody must have really gotten on your nerve. As BLACK people we need more BLACK PEOPLE TO SPEAK UP AND TELL THE TRUTH.

  7. AFRICA AMERICAS….Get your Passport now, even if you not ready to leave or just visit but get your passport before it becomes extremely difficult or too costly to get one…just my humble advice

  8. There is no shame in departing the land of your captivity, it is the course that should be taken. Those against leaving are projecting their fears on those with the means and strength to leave!

  9. Allah(swt) said in the Quran
    "Did I not make this Earth spacious enough",🤔 why did he say that?
    what is he telling us? can a Imam explain this so we can get a better understanding of this statement.

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