September 23, 2021

36 thoughts on “Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Moving to Africa?

  1. I'm very very very PROUD to say that I would not recognize the face of this MEGHAN MAKAREL Sardines girl…. I really do not know her or how she looked like. I pause the video and rush to comment. HER NAME ALONE IS NOT FIT FOR ROYALTY. MEGHAN TRAINOR sounds like a worn out shoe. MARKLE is that a sushi or bottled sardines.

  2. This is punishment for meg leaking rumors of prince billy laying pipe in another home. Billy told harry and told harry not to tell the gossipy wraith meg. This is punishment and markle will likely never attend any future royal events of significance. She and harry are now forever ostracized! πŸ˜„

  3. Oh yeh as if they will stay there. Don’t think so they just don’t want us bums to pay for their jet style life. They get the security we can be knifed to death, this country has gone bloody mad.

  4. If you think Alynskyite Middle Aged Deep State NWO Soros Sponsored Hollywierdo MM will go to Africa for 3 years get real, she may be able to mane a fortnight but incapable of staying 3 years there . Prince Harry is capable but not Hollywierdo MM , this is to eclipse MM doing a runner πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ from out of Africa like the Road Runner πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Rabbit πŸ‡. The Press won’t be reporting that she has done a runner after a few weeks. Such liars πŸ€₯ .

  5. They are probably the most powerful couple I have ever come across in the entertainment world. They will have a HUGE impact on my generation.

  6. They are not moving to Africa and Tom Jr is not her brother. He and Samantha are her half brother and sister. She has no sister or brother and that is why everybody is having a field's day insulting her. I wish she will have more children who will stick together and fight the trolls, haters and racists.

  7. They, ll be welcome us Africans are not judgmental, don't look at your past to crusify you with it because we believe only fools use your past against you. We will give you the honor and respect if you deserve it and you, ll be loved as the human beings that you are. NO NAMECALLING WILL HAPPEN HERE.

  8. They move to Afrika because its not Harry's baby. She has for a long time a love relation with Markus Anderson. Its his baby. Harry is fooled. The Queen should have forbidden or at least warn him about fake loving a divorced women who's real lover is a very close "friend" always around them nearby. Golddigging women as Meghan have no problem fucking for money, crowns. She did that before with her other marriage. The truth. The palace knows, all. They avoid a massive scandal moving Harry to Afrika. Thats the reason. Timing. Get it?!

  9. Let me get this straight…between $2.3 and $3.8 million (US)from the queen’s Sovereign Grant β€” a sum of money funded by British taxpayers β€” was just spent renovating a place that these two twerps now aren't going to live in? How much will their "run-down cottage" in Australia or Africa cost to renovate, then–and will the "Sovereign Grant" pay for that, too?

  10. Harry and Meghan I hope the two of you find happiness wherever you go I don't know y'all I live in USA but I thought ur mother was a caring sweet person I wish u and Meghan the best

  11. Katie Nicholl is a twit that likes to make up lies and spread rumours about the royals because she has no talent or anything else to offer the world other than spreading lies and gossip about the royals!

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