September 22, 2023

25 thoughts on “ARE PEOPLE CLAIMING TO TALK TO GOD SCHIZOPHRENIC?? #GeneralSeti #SaRaSutenSeti

  1. This title "god" is only usable in talking about the "god" of the bible. This "god" of the bible is one of us manifested MAN/WOMAN from the beginning.
    When the Almighty, who divided and entered MAN/WOMAN(manifested into melanated people) on Earth and set things in motion to experience EVIL, this EVIL had to be created.
    So some of the manifested(Yakkub + 59999) had their Almighty essence removed so that they could create EVIL. This creation was the non-melanated MANKIND. Yakkub and others actually volunteered for this task.
    The rest of us manifested(melanated) had to be made to forget, else we would have avoided EVIL, and the whole point is to EXPERIENCE EVIL, that is why it was created.
    Now the truth is being revealed to ALL.
    Dont ask me what's going to happen when truth is revealed, except that there will be 1000 years where truth is revealed and everyone has to make a CHOICE.

  2. if yoMama-believin God/Allah,
    she Created-u,
    aza Offerin4th White-Community2Gain-Favor
    in her-OwnOld-Age.

    like they-say,
    …Chilren was th1st Currency…

    like Venus&Serena,

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