September 28, 2021

34 thoughts on “Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving to Africa?

  1. Harry seems more concerned about Africa than he does his own country. Perhaps it would be best if he did move there permanently. If that makes him happy, he should go for it, renounce his royal status, lifestyle and income and move to a place he thinks is better.

  2. Meghan and Harry are not moving to Africa. Meghan has to live in the UK for three years in order to become a British citizen! Do you guys vet stories or do you just report stories from the tabloids.

  3. The reason is that its not Harry's baby but Markus Anderson. To avoid a massive scandal if it becomes visible with the baby. Thats why no fotoshoot, hiding. Thats also the why palace is moving them to Afrika. Goldigging Meghan has a love relation with Markus Anderson. Its not the first time she used a husband for her carreer. The palace rules, tradition should have warned Harry about being fooled with Markus Anderson always being around, nearby them. And decline the marriage for golddiggers reasons. Palace rules makes sense and they know.

  4. Another Edward and Wallis story. I called it way before they even got married. Hoped it would play out differently. And seriously is Megan REALLY pregnant? That baby bump rise and fall like a souffle. Maybe that is why they are going "out of town" from preying eyes asking questions lol

  5. Well we can but hope so !!!

    Trouble will be us paying for the
    ' Royal protection officers ' !!!

    They're not cheap are they !!
    Probably millions each year !!

    Bye, bye 👋🌴👋🌴

  6. On behalf of all well enlighted and educated Afrikans, we hope this is not true and may the Afrikan God prevent such a tragedy from happening. The british people can keep those two wannabe "king and queen" with all their two cent drama. We Africans already have our own AFRIKAN KINGS AND QUEENS. THANK U, NEXT!

  7. The Queen is still in charge. Once she dies, then it will be King Charles. William has to wait for 2 people to die before he becomes King and that will be in the distant future. Until then, he has zero authority over Harry. He needs to tell his aides to stop colluding with the British press to write fabricated hit piece after hit piece on Meghan. His aides told The Times in the article, "don't worry your influence will grow and Harry's will fade." It boils down to jealousy over Harry's global popularity.

  8. I never saw her wattle Gale, she walked in high heels…no wattling….and she did a good job of not gaining one pound, wish my pregnancy would be like hers. I am full of water in the legs, my shoes don't fit, no heels here, and yes I wattle Gale, so Meghan what is your secret?

  9. Nah if you think 🤔 Deep State NWO Middle Aged NWO Soros Sponsored MM would move to Africa or Botswana 🇧🇼 for 3 years who do you think you are kidding? Harry could, but Hollywierdo MM would do a runner 🏃‍♀️ after a few weeks. No Media attention would starve her.

  10. Roya don't try to spin it now, we read the article and you said it directly that "William wants them gone because their fame and popularity is overshadowing he and his wife" and its been his courtiers setting it up. But thats cool send them to Africa they'll be even more popular, u cant try to dim Harry and Meghan shine, because u and your wife are boring and lazy. You'll be king and ur wife consort and thats still not enough he wants the popularity too, well nope sorry.

  11. Let's hope so. Cannot wait to get rid of MM. She is ruining the reputation of the RF. It's becoming like a soap opera. And MM is spending the taxpayer's money like it's going out of style.

  12. That will be fine. You are all insane. I am so happy because Meg and Harry are giving you all hard times and sleepless nights. Adding up wrinkles on your bad faces. Africa is a blessed continent where the world taps from. Unpolluted. So what is the issue if they go settle in Africa ? The couple are a happy couple. They love themselves while u all breath Meghan/Harry, eat Meghan / Harry, dream Meghan/Harry.
    Have all those haters not realised that they mean the least to this couple ? You shall all die of stomach aches. Shame. Listening n believing to fake news is all u can achieve

  13. Once again British media ready to bring in their nastiness in everything concerning Meghan and Harry.They take a potion of truth and what they want ,then sell it to the world as fact.I don’t think this couple have plans at the moment to abandon their new life and migrate somewhere else.The commonwealth is going to be a huge part of their working life.So obviously they will be doing numerous trips there to different parts of Africa in particular.Some of those trips I imagine may take longer than just couple of days or a week or two.I definitely don’t any of those trips will be longer than two months maximum.They have their charities here in the UK.Don’t believe everything these so called royal experts say .As I said they take a little bit of truth and concoct it with lies so to sell their books and papers

  14. They just keep on coming in Thier Are Billions, why Africa of all places,why not Asia. White people are saying there is white genocide in South Africa but u all still wanna come here and now u want him to come and live here and recolonize Southern Africa with his black wife,why?go back home white people or go to Asia Hahaha

  15. The exile to Windsor backfired!
    Buck Place is being renovated so the Queen has decamped to Windsor.
    Close vicinity to the Queen is always a good thing.
    Dropping by for tea…

    It makes no sense! The Queen is 93, why would Harry want to leave the country in her last years?

    Also, Meghan grew up with her mother making sure that the elderly in her family were properly cared for.
    Doria not only made sure to look after her own Mom but she visited Thomas Markle's mother weekly until her death with a young Meghan in tow. This was years after their divorce
    Doria did this when she was a single mom and getting her masters in social work.

    I wouldn't be surprised if she were giving yoga classes to the queen as that was her speciality: Yoga for seniors.

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