September 20, 2021

45 thoughts on “Are Western Powers controlling Africans Repatriation to Africa?

  1. Thank you Isatu for sharing our story… this will go far in helping those of us who are coming home. The more we expose the hidden agenda the better we can face it and change it. I love the Gambia and the people and this is our home. We will not be stopped!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so hard to hear and very discouraging. We have a lot of work to do. I notice myself in the US that some people are not getting their passports even now. So there's definitely some kind of something going on because there's too much of a whole back on All ends. We must keep on pushing for change because one day we shall get it right for our people. The word has already spoken it. What they don't understand is the more they try to hurt us the more they hurt themselves


  4. Hi I have a JA passport and a UK passport and was saddened about the letter you read out about the lady who was trying to go to Gambia from Jamaica , Just so you are all aware the out going Nigerian Ambassador to Jamaica has organised two test flights direct from Jamaica to Lagos in December 2020 to see if the rout is viable for business you can confirm this with the airline directly . on the Matter of the lady flying to Germany and the Netherlands to catch a connection . this is a know migrant rout , and I suspect that that is not the best rout , the Charter Company Titan Aire Flyers Direct to Banjul from London two times a week and the same from Manchester Airport Flying from Mo Bay to London would of made more sense with paperwork in Hand Showing that she is connecting directly to Gambia Titen due to the Pandemic will re-start Flying from 1st December 2020

  5. are western powers still controlling Africans from moving into their motherland? NO, MONEY IS THE REASON MOST BLACKS CANNOT RETURN TO AFRICA, no jobs in africa, no assistance in africa, coming to africa means hotel, food, entertainment, also with the high taxes on flying from one country to another is almost impossible for africans to travel to other africans countries

  6. Peace n light Åşë to my Beautiful sister Isatu, it's really a shame how do you do I people abroad. But I have to say is the energy of the year especially when that's how people really feel about us as a people and we have to take notice, and turn it around and start speaking into our lives the things that are to happen.
    I pray for that sister and her husband to receive the justice that they need to come together in the healing for their family Åşë and I speak for anybody else who wants to go to wherever they decide if they decide to go did they meet with Clarity and peace it is an easy transition and met with no more problems speak it know it walk through it protected guided covered Åşë hotep 🙏🏽 to All love you. Åşë

  7. Thank you sister for sharing this. I live in the U.S. and I can tell you that America does not want there black men to travel anywhere. Most black men in America does not have passports and cannot get passports because of the high incarceration rate or if the man have fell behind on child support $2500.00 USD. It doesnt matter if he is current or not, they want that black man in the U.S. so they can make money off of his incarceration. FACTS!!!!

  8. The Gambian government has to make travelling to The Gambia easy for people of African descendant in the diaspora western governments know if there is an exodus back to the motherland their society is in big problems so it's being made very difficult for us to travel to Africa 🌍

  9. Horrible, awful…I've never heard of such a thing, all I could wonder is if the flights were completely booked up/were they late? such questions as these should and must 1st be put in consideration and eliminated…Now I wonder if anymore such stories exist and now I am prompt to make (you tube) search about it (just for my self, of course). It's an experience I wouldn't want to go through and hope no one else will really have too go through to such an extent…Thanks

  10. I'm sorry. But this video is a lot of rubbish. Western powers are not stopping diaspora peoples from returning home, and are definitely not restricting movement in the continent of Africa. Key word there, continent. It doesnt matter what you want. Africa is and has always been made up of different countries. The same as europe. You need to jump through all sorts of hoops to move from britain to ameruca, or from Britain to Australia even. This video is a really really low bar.

  11. The red tape needs to remove between each African country/state. This is my opinion base on colonization, the Governments is operating on crumbs handed down by the IMF/World bank. So, the elite Africans leader are taking vast amount of money off the top, then nothing is left for the country and its people. Solution start at the top and remove these leaders for treason and selling of the people birthright, rewrite your constitution or what ever that Governs your country, include the removal of leaders who are corrupt with penalties. Rewrite your laws from an African cosmology and not Europeans. Return the power of the to the people with vested interest of 50%, the Government body 25% and Military at 25%. Use these percentage in the voting laws when someone is being remove or impeach. Return the land to the African people as their birthright, define African people as one who is identifiable by phenotype, DNA and Jus Sanginius( mother and father) also meet this requirement. Never sell the land to a non-African, but only by lease agreement. Make it unlawfull for police and military to use force on African citizens collectively. etc

  12. I concur with your video. This is one of the reasons why I'm in the school of thought of Pan-African Education, Aggressive Political, Military Economic, Judiciary, Law Enforcement, Social & Spiritual involvement. An overhaul of immigration, movement within the continent, positive control of our resources, and limitations for ALL NON-BANTU nationals (including not allowing to own land, businesses, schools or any institutions within the continent). I can go further, but I prefer to just take action.

  13. We from the diaspora should be able to fly from the South-america and Caribbean straight to Africa. Why not, because they did this for hundred of years during the transatlantic slave trade period. Open the boarders know for all the diaspora to come back to their ancestral home!!!!!!

  14. We need a dedicated diaspora airline flying directly to Africa from all western countries. That’s the only we we can get everyone out easily. Time for change!

  15. A white person would have never be treated like that! The family should sue all the airlines involved AND the authorities on the plantation of Jamaica who abused this family by their atrocious misconduct. Andrew Holness should be ashamed of himself but he is not and is satisfied being a Trump boot licker.

  16. As an American who has traveled to 22 countries. Two in Africa, including Morocco and Egypt. I had no problems ever with my American Passport. But this may be because I had a round way ticket versus a one way ticket. ( I guess the thinking is “life” and living standards in the U.S. is “better” that most people would not consider leaving or trying to stay in another country.)

  17. Why do we need visa to travel to Africa ? who decided thar Africans abroad need to obtain a visa to visit the continent ? can the African leaders decide weather or not this process should be abolish ? why is it that none Africans are so heavy handed in the affairs of Africa ? cant wait for Africa to unite under one currancy , one flag , with one destination , true and lasting freedom from the enemies

  18. You're right, I'm a Gambian, I recently travelled from Milan to Amsterdam by bus, I just payed €40 and nothing else other than buying food and drink on the way, no border control, no check points, no traffic jam, we will only stop if we choose to by having break to eat. The journey was so smooth that we could could hardly tell that we are in France, Belgium etc. And the journey just took us 15 hours, the same distance journey in Africa will take you at least 4 days and will cost 20 times more. The flight ticket was equally cheap but was just €50 from Milan to Amsterdam

  19. This is serious and unfortunate and must have been a horrible experience. It seems common for Caribbean people not to easily get permission to travel outside of the region with no reasonable excuse other than the racist element attached to it. The Europeans have relaxed their border restrictions but Afrika still holds on to theirs, so even on the continent it is difficult for Afrikans to easily travel to and fro. Unfortunately I cannot offer any solutions on this one but hopefully her lawyers will be able to handle this situation in the best way possible.

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