September 20, 2021

4 thoughts on “Are you a "Afrakan bootie scratcher " or "Akata"? w / Bro Rasheed. Sound begins 15 sec into video.

  1. Lol… Dude is trippin! You should've asked him is a duck still a duck if you take him out of his natural habitat? Is a bear still a bear if he's taken out of the wild? Ofcourse!!! What geographical location we are in doesn't determine who we are, its the melanin that flows through our black bodies that determines who we are. Within that melanin is our DNA aka Black Culture! It is seen everyday in our art, the way we talk, our musical vibes, the way we dance etc.

  2. My brother was a bit irritating and condescending with the smirking and laughing at your serious points but I respect his openness to be transparent about his honest thoughts and point of view. Anyway subconsciously sis we still see ourselves as separate entities. Even when you were defending us you mentioned you had to “look out for y’all” instead of using the word us. We are making progress but we have a lit way to go as a people to repair the consciousness.

  3. I love the point you made about Africans that come to America needing to have respect and compassion for the chosen people in the western world. Great point. We endured so much you are absolutely correct that if not for us they really wouldn’t be able to come here real talk.

  4. The brother has a great point on how we need to study African roots to claim the status or mind set of an African. A lot of Africans in Africa should be doing the same as well that’s even more sad if you ask me…. however I feel he focuses more on the negative outcome of our enslaved Africans and not the positive. so for African to connect with Africans in a America they should study African American history as well… where here and in the Caribbean we built communities and made and inventions and created music that influenced the world out of scraps damn there butt naked in a European base society that clearly identifies with a lot of African culture whether we knew it or not because Africa is in our dna. You turn away “Africans Americans” you turn away your children. You turn away Africans you turn away your parents on a macro-cosmic relationship status.

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