Are you an Empath? Black Consciousness Discussion Part 3

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Are you a good judge of character? Can you walk into a crowded room and immediately judge the vibe solely on intuition alone? Can you see bullsh1t coming from a mile away? Do strangers come to you for advice? You just might be an empath! Take the test at and join the ***LIVE***discussion Thursday night at 10PM EST UNTIL!
#BlackTwitter #Empath #BlackConsciousness

Thank You Dr. Judith Orloff for your research!

Thank You Lunar Wisdom!
What is an Empath?

BG Music-Kevin Macleod-Accralate

Intro-Royalty Free Tribal Music

Namaste, Peace, Shalom, Salaam, Ase!!!


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  1. I'm a empath and I hate EVERYONE but I LOVE everyone I live a Misreble existence I need to learn to cleanse my SPRITUAL InnerG i take in too much negative inner G from the world and I don't know how to discard it

  2. Hey slide for some reason I can't get back on my Twitter page I have tried everything I do know I was reported and they said that I had to wait 12 hours but after that it says something about verification to email I've tried over and over again so I assume that I'm suspended from my account I kind of take this as a sign not to get back on Twitter so I'll holler at you on Thursdays bro you take care tell Jay Boogie I said hello


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