November 30, 2021

34 thoughts on “Are You In Denial? || Wake Up Africa

  1. Dr. Mumbi …. 100 Percent of your words spoken here is what I have been preaching recently … Even when Educating people for years, having the ability to piece Biblical puzzles together and they be confirmed years after I have called out specific events within our Government that will take place … Folks are STILL Laughing & continue to be PUPPETS, they were also the 1st to take the Toxic Jab, with no questions asked.

    I AM BEGINNING TO MOVE IN SILENCE !!!! Most love ones will not give up a Believer for harmful reasons, but simply because some don't understand and for some, it will be simply for the need to get by and survive in this New World Order to come.

  2. The whole thing is getting to know about who you're as an african,knowledge of self,this is what the oppressers,the invaders has denied us and has educated africans about themselves,we're nature,everything natural when eating is medicine to the african,fruits,vegetables,trees,seeds etc is our source of healing,the bible is a history spiritual book for africans thus Gods chosen ones but the oppressor misinterpreted the bible to us but before you will know this,you must know who you're first and knowing yourself is not part of our educational system and that has been the problem for gods people from ancient Babylon till date,you must be ready to live within the confines of nature without having anything doing with Babylon,in the time of Nebuchadnezzar shedrack,messack and abednego resisted,Daniel resisted,Noah and his family were safed,lot and his family were safed but the wife looked back to the property she was loosen and was consumed,we are nature forward to our shells(zion),the ancestral way of thinking living and doing Abraham is our ancestor,am a government teacher in Ghana but have refused the jab because i saw this coming,its judgement spiritualy so am getting prepared to live the city,is an order from the top,Babylon is falling where do you belong,dont stuck in that world of corruption and greed

  3. People who shut their eyes to reality invite their own destruction. But it ain't their fault, the least we should ever do is to judge one another.
    Yes a lot of people are following their programming, but truth isn't owned by an individual, and the so called awakened are even creating more confusion.
    As far as I understand, pressure will force people to raise against their elites, and since majority of the people no longer have strong bonds and communities with each other,
    They will become vulnerable. Check what happened to for instance S.Africa when Tchaka was King, he created the greatest Refugee crisis in S.A, and the displaced sought help from the missionaries, who were being used to colonize the continent. This is the exact thing happening now. Intervention is real, You've got to me mentally and psychologically sound not to fall for the forces of Pursuations, which use mostly fear and people's beliefs against them.
    Fear Thrives in Emptiness, and most preachers these days are using fear. Fear is Bondage, you should know your true spirit, and nothing can ever shake you regardless of what happens…

  4. Dr. Mumbi these people is following me. You have to be careful. Know your surroundings. Be watchful. They are watching me. We are in a mental war and people don't see it.

  5. There are people out there pushing families to encourage their loved ones to take the jab. Your words are on point and thanks again for sharing that silence is the best way.

  6. I've warned my family about everything including the reptilian, they talk to each other behind my back and called my husband to ask if I'm mentally ill. Then told us we need to take the u know what. Husband told me to stop posting on social media and just keep to ourselves and I'm doing just that. I give up on them. Whatever happens to them oh well. I've already started the process of grieving my loss for them because I know their pineal gland is being destroyed which means their soul is gone. I hate that it happened but I guess it is what it is. Time to worry about me and I'm alright with that.

  7. Let me warn also, we need to stay away from the jabbed. They are shedding nano particles which can cause sickness in the unjabed. Women who are unjabbed have been saying they notice changes in their menstrual cycle after being around someone who has been jabbed as well as mental/behavioral changes in them. Please remember to keep eating healthy, exercise and take more zinc as it will help with the effects of them shedding the particles. And most importantly get sunlight everyday, for we know what it's doing for us!

  8. Dr . Mumbi; my husband and I have been faithfully listening to your words CAREFULLY. My husband got sick this past summer that’s when we both made the FINAL decision to move from the states, we are now here in Ghana thank you

  9. Dr . Mumbi; my husband and I have been faithfully listening to your words CAREFULLY. My husband got sick this past summer that’s when we both made the FINAL decision to move from the states, we are now here in Ghana thank you for your wise words. You helped save both of us

  10. Once again, I will comment based on an allegory for those who have ears to hear. A room full of precious wealth which no one know is there is valueless until an awareness enters the room. INNERSTAND YOUR GROUND.

  11. Back in the day they use to say, Oh that's gonna be a thousand years from now. Now I tell them, that thousand years went by real quick πŸ˜‚. This ain't no joke though but pressure will bring out gifts you never thought you had.

  12. I don't blame anyone who is in denial. If I wasn't on a spiritual path myself, I probably would be the same. However, during the first lock down I joined a global meditation group. It was suppose to heal the planet. As the meditation started I entered an altered state. I experienced myself being removed from the murky world we were meditating on and brought to a new, clean and clear one. It was there and then I realized the old order was over.
    I haven't looked back, I've not had a fear or regard for the old order since.
    But this is my experience. And I feel people will only believe when they come to their own truth and it's fine!

  13. The chosen ones are leading the world now Dr. Mumbi. I'll leave it there, but for those of us who understand the times we're in we understand that the ancient ones have put the chosen ones on the throne; a throne that they made for themselves, by their own work, by their own sweat, by their own mind and spirit. Those who let babylon decide everything for them are going to sink with the ship.

  14. I've noticed for a few months how shop shelfs are nearly bare, especially local super market tesco by me. So I thought go in every day may be there waiting for delivery didn't make a difference to shop shelfs for months they been bare worse then when we was in lock down. So yet again dr mumbi 100 per cent on point. I do try tell people instead of planting flowers plant fruit trees and veg. But flowers for them seem the option they are taking and they not even flowers you can eat or use for medcine.but when the shit hits the fan how they going to feed there children. Or grandchildren. Or selfs veg plants most places sell for under Β£3 already grown all they have to do is dig a whole put in ground or put in plant pots and water food for life. You can get 500 seeds from pound shop that give you 6 different varieties of veg in one pack and they have all different packs and fruit trees are 2 Β£10. It takes 3 months to grow veg 3 months along time to go without food when shit hits the fan.

  15. Omg! You are preaching what I've been going through. I been trying to tell people stuff and they not listening. I have said wayyyy too much. Just had to delete some Facebook post after watching this. Thank you for so much for this!!!!

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