May 23, 2022

21 thoughts on “Astonishing Legend of the Queen of Sheba Arguably the Mother of the Ethiopians

  1. Ethiopia at the old times meant to be most of present day Africa.
    And note that the Axumites later on created Amharic. Tigre were servants and laborers who came from Yemen to work for Axumite elites, the present Amhara. Inferiority complex of Tigre (meaning servant) led them to hate Amhara Ethiopians.

  2. Aksum land of queen sheba, ark of covenant, brought christianity in 4th century in africa, ancient powerfull civilization had their own gold coin, adminstration, oblisks and expanded trade over red sea up to rome, arab and india.

  3. i admire what u did but may next time u should dig dipper b/c there are 2 minilikes in Ethiopia the minilik in ur story is minilik the first and minilik the 2nd who lead the the battle of Adwa againt italy with his queen tsehaytu and u used his image to represent the 1st minilik the son of shaba

  4. In the Greek dialect, Ethiope means Dark Skin. In the ancient times, there were no current borders that divides us today, since 1885 Berlin conference. Yes, we had our different tribes and ethnic groupings, but the outsiders, especially the Greeks, sees us all as Ethiopians. By all means, Africa is not an indigenous name of our continent, it belonged to a Roman General, who conquered cartagein north Africa and called the whole continent after himself, as if he even saw sub Sahara Africa.

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