September 18, 2023
Author Diallo Sumbry Talks Repatriation Process to Ghana, His Book

Marc Lamont Hill chats with President and CEO of Adinkra Group and author Diallo Sumbry about his new book “A Smart Ghana Repatriation” about Black Americans moving to Ghana and using his book as a guide for Black people.

“Seeing that this Black exodus has become real for a lot of millennials, a lot of families and people wanting to change their relationship with America and move, I saw that there was a gap there was a need,” Sumbry says.




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5 thoughts on “Author Diallo Sumbry Talks Repatriation Process to Ghana, His Book

  1. Mr. Hill a discussion which asks a white man how it feels to be white served no purpose outside of being a racist remark. Critical race theory is shallow, divisive, and quite frankly lacks any real thought or intellectualism. What a prison it would be to wake up every day with a ball and chain around your ankle only able to see race and racism. Just look around you at the rioters most are young adults with some college where they were inculcated with true racist thinking through professors waterboarding them with this twisted line of thinking which honestly comes straight from the pits of hell. These brainwashed students have been rendered incapable of independent thought. When they are confronted with opinions alien to theirs, there is no chance of reasonable discourse. Instead they run back to their group and start puking out whatever slogans they’ve been force fed; shouting over anyone that is not in their hive. These children have been made weak minded where they become intellectually stagnant because growth only comes out of adversity and how one responds to it. I’m sure you can see the dangers of thinking leftists have embraced. We’re divided by race when we cross CRT. We’re further divided by another school of thought which only sees the patriarchal construct. We’re divided further by sexuality and the endless amount of genders. The young have had their minds stolen and replaced by a system of hivemind leaving an angry, disrespectful and obnoxious group chanting the most ridiculous and counter intuitive crap in the history of humanity. These evil pernicious doctrines have abducted our youth and need to be destroyed. Some say “You desire their destruction because you’re uncomfortable with them”. Nope not remotely and the reason is these corrupt perverse doctrines are shallow skin deep garbage. So, I look at this through spiritual glasses and these superficial empty theories embracing a world view that distracts them from seeking deeper truth and meaning. The truth is CRT is the most racist theory outside of Mein Kampf ever to be put forth by anybody ever.

  2. I will never put my foot in that country to live, it is a waste of time to live in a backward country. Most people go there to get citizenship and fly to Ghana to live.

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