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The legal legend of league of legends I leave a lesser legend alleging my force is excessive
Interrogate, I’m pressin with questions
Increasing the tension it’s going well
Got your number, pick you up, put you in my cell
I got it going on like Stacey’s mom
My partner Cait got bigger crits than Kacey tron
Don’t need cuffs, taser, handgun, mace, baton
Fists made of steel, left right and your face is gone
The chase is on I got the vault breaker
You’re never safe from combinations into haymakers
Show up early set it off like a tailgater
Spectate the flight, slow it down, watch a playmaker
The heartbreaker can’t believe I made it through the bans
Your jungler passed on me and locked in a buddhist damn
Lee Sin peeling for your back line a foolish plan
Smash through a cold round house like the Eskimo Kool-aid man

Yeah the ult’s unstoppable
assault and battery charge through obstacles
Energizer Vi pick you up … and drop you in the hospital
optimal damage to your opticals
get this kid a popsicle
joke on the stick cause the skillset is comical
redick like the chronicles
And when you respawn you can come get it
You’ll disappear like Richard Lewis from the subreddit

Violent survivalist vicious to villains
It’s a victory for victims when Vi makes a killing
You want to cop a plea this cop’s unwilling
Denting blows to the jaw now this Graves needs fillings
Cause there’s a cavity where his face had to be
Police brutality bumping up my salary
Take a break have to B, hit the shop have a spree
Charged up my battery, back comes the cavalry
Team typing flattery, Catniss on the rift got the hunger
Leaving enemies VI feet under
Front line skewer, ultimate pursuer
On track to get the kill, Tony Stewart
You can run but you can’t hide
I’m on the edge, I’m not afraid to dive
Take a tower, take inhib, force a forfeit
Fistbump a teammate send’em into orbit

Blast Shield, Storming of the Bastille
A knuckle sandwich for Fiora as her last meal
Ask Soraka for a fast heal, make a rat squeal
bad feels, seems crazy but the stats real
I’m coming for in you in a rude way
With a crude spray of matter, think it’s brain cause it’s too grey
Let me tell you how you goons play
Form a line to get the punch like a cult on doomsday

Good play followed by a good quote
You’re on the scoreboard real low like a foot note
I’m on contract to keep you in combat
I call the shots, got Caitlyn in my contacts
blast back with a back pack full of bad cats
bait a rat trap, flat hat on the mat with a sad splat
Rengar on the ground, take a cat nap
Sending Nasus to the pound put him down stat
Board the pain train, this is the main line
Don’t get excited, I’m bout to end your lame crimes
entire fight taking place on the same Vine
You want to Jinx me say GG at the same time
hulk hands, bulk slams through your skull man
I can hear adults cry and sulk where the pulp lands
Charge you with assault, break a vault the default plan
Pass your catapult, yell halt then I ult in

And I’m making arrests
It’s the SWAT team putting shots to your chest
Hammer to the vest, Jayce in your face like Thor
Better keep it Loki in your base or your dead for sure
I’m taking prints from your prince J4
Got a cell for your tank and her boar
You better run from the sirens, the violence
comply or your eyes get supplied with the punch like Hawaiians


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A free-thinking individual who strives to maintain psychological balance between the two polar aspects of Human Nature; Desire and Conscience. However, These conditions can never be balanced because inertia will carry us to extremes. Balance is a constant struggle therefore I live by the principles of the HERU Interface