October 20, 2021


  1. In Chicago I pay $1200 (N500,000) per month for my small apartment, and it is not even this lavish. Nigerians need to bring some common sense into their development. I visited my dads village in 2018, and all my village cousins have a bathroom in each bedroom…lol..I don't even have up to two bathrooms in my apartment in Chicago.

  2. Very very disappointed at the interior design , BANA WETIN? honestly my uncles house in ibadan is by far better than this crap . I can only imagine how much the landlord will charge per night not to even talk of year SMH . you have money to build house in banana but zero money for the interior ? Somethings not right here unless they dash him the land for free … anyways sha

  3. I'm so shocked of the interior design of the houses in this banana Island.. my friend Nigerian always mentioned how it is beautiful, but honestly real estate are the best in South Africa, Angola and some in Ghana.. I'm disappointed in this banana Island, it is expensive for nothing..

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