September 20, 2021

20 thoughts on “Bantu Steve Biko- Architect of Black Consciousness Manifesto- rare TV interview

  1. Love Biko. White people building their wealth on genocide and slavery across the world and then fearing retribution is the funniest shit ever. How fucked up is your history that you are so afraid of it?

  2. En politique présenter un bon programme ça ne suffit pas. Il faut avoir les couilles !

    Et Thomas Sankara comme Sékou Touré en avaient !

    Les hommes politiques CAMEROUNAIS sont des femmes avec pour époux : les colons OCCUPANTS exploiteurs pilleurs sans pitié des richesses et ressources naturelles et minières stratégiques CAMEROUNAISES !

    Regardez la guerre des intérêts au Cameroun !
    Quand un noir meurt, ça ne dérange pas pourvu que les intérêts des colons soient assurés…
    Et ces nombreuses bases militaires en Afrique ne servent juste qu'à assurer les intérêts de ces ignobles COLONS ?

    STOP !

  3. Steve Biko was great. In Southern Africa we have reached a phase for his type of leaders so that we reduce poverty people have experienced. We need New political agendas and leaders and not like the nonsense of Rainbow Party with Socialism in zambia.

  4. "They have to educate people's outlook's. The people have many things to learn and this needs to be explained to the people by the vanguard movement leading the people." Steve Biko

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  6. they are trying to have the next "hot" single by putting out trash to get their music played on BET. people forget how young these guys were. We talk about them today as if they lived full lives well into their 60s or 70s. our young black youth today would rather be on worldstar hiphop.

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