Bases 37 Part 6 Sarah Adams Water and Consciousness

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the Sarah Adams interviews continue with her giving an informative and positive discussion of better food and energetic ways of living a better life, recorded in July 2014 in Broadstairs.
War on Consciousness, water’s energetic properties.


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  1. The earth is a living sentian being and so are the stars and planet bubbles in the living waters, what scientists call the universe, cymatics explains this and why your eyes can deceive you as the human eyes are inferior as is the human brain and body are, as the body was sabotaged and down sized so you wouldn't find out who and what you really are as a spirit soul body being, for those of you who still have a soul, it's time for you to wake up. The creation of the universe is a multi dimensional multi layered multi faceted cosmic matrix construct that is infinite in parallel universe's multi layered universe's and multi dimensional universe's as all is in living waters with spirit soul rainbow body light beings as stars and roaming stars, wandering stars as all life out of the living waters of the universe are all encapsulated by bubbles as is earth we are fish out of water as spirit soul body beings were placed into a biological human body in a dry environment out of the living waters into a bubble called planets and there are infinite number of bubbles floating in the living waters of the universe……Cymatics
    … the soulless won't understand this….

  2. She never amazes or impresses me ,she reveals nothing just like common shared new age authors who keep churning up the same ol same ol info from all topics blended so they seem to sheep and blind fools as modern day bs god guru figures, YAWN !!

  3. Miles sucks doing interview, he is really really a pain in the ass, i dont know men, all the interviews i see, this guys cuts the best part and say something stupid, stop doing that!

  4. This is all 'Mental' …we cannot know truth, on a mental level, nor from books, not even from someone telling us, it cannot be rationalised, intellectualised , nor conseptulized, nor can it be used, for our own ends! But the truth can ONLY be known, on our Central nervous system!
    I.e If you tell a child, NOT to touch a candle, no matter what you say and explain what it will do, He will STILL touch it! (Because on a mental level we cannot know for sure what is truth, or not, it's just 'Mental'!) but once he touches it THEN it will register, on his CNS, as Absolute! Absolute truth, is an Experience on the Central nervous system! And so Now, the time has come that GOD, can be PROVEN. . . On our CNS!
    Watch 'Shri Mataji -Public programme talks' we are ALL 'Seeking' something, but what we a truly seeking ….is our Spirit! Our Second birth /Self Realisation! Because it's only the Spirit, that can give us 'Complete ' Peace and Satisfaction, because it's Absolute! To realise the Self, is to BECOME the Self, our true Self, the Spirit! Which is what we are, but it is also that, which we must also become! BECOMING IS the Point!
    Self Realisation is the STARTING point of Reality!

  5. I watched a few of your videos and your interviewer style is consistent…….you frustrate the information so much by causing fractures in the message. I guess you've chosen a side or been chosen. Either way you're so good at being awful.

  6. In past interviews didn't she used to talk about the poisoning in things like makeup, now she's got lots of it on ? And the repeated head tilting female body language that is a filler for content… idk. Don't want to be harsh, but I only learned of her from Max. His early videos were kinda goofy too, although they both always have good info. Hers to me is kinda fluff for someone that has studied.. I mean for instance you can be not a perfect eater and be very spiritual and have some incredible powers. This I know. All her videos repeat alot. Fir this kinda info. TEAL SWANN IS better and gets to the point a lot faster.
    Namaste. Bless her soul.

  7. It sucks that he constantly interrupts. Its annoying that he asks questions and then answers them himself. I wonder if he went into an interview blind without knowing anything about what will be said if he can contain himself long enough to let the person speak on their own and get the information out. I really want to hear what these people have to say but I refuse to sit and listen to any of his interviews because he's so damn annoying.

  8. Aliens? That was one of their games for awhile. Kidnapped girls to cloning and pretended to be gray type aliens. They were vrill..low frequency underground evil overlords. They enslave humanity. These survivors have vital testimony. Truth is stranger than fiction. Thank you so much for this trove of Intel. The people will have to see it. Jimmy Savile went to the Centers. The Queen still goes. Lol crazy as it sounds. HRC is the tip of the iceberg. Satanic Pedophilia and cannibalism us so rampant and they think they bypass karma!!

  9. It's all 'mental' it's not absolute knowledge, it's non knowledge! the time has come that we should not have 'blind' faith in anything, some will except it as absolute, but our children, or their children, will never except it!…..blind faith in ANYTHING, only leads us to fannaticism!
    The truth cannot be known, from books, nor can it be known on a mental level, we cannot know it with our intellect, it cannot be conceptualized, rationalised, nor intellectualised, to know the truth, as ABSOLUTE , can ONLY be known, ….on our Central nervous system!
    The time has come that God, can be PROVEN…on our Central nervous system!


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