August 19, 2022

50 thoughts on “Belgian National Sanctioned For Smuggling Gold From DR Congo

  1. If you are looking for where DRC minerals are disaspearing too. Follow the Museveni, Britain, Isreal link. Thats why over 50 million Congolese have died in instability created to enable exploitation

  2. Belgium is a disease on the African continent. They've been up to no good in the Congo since the Berlin conference…their king Leapold murdered almost 20 million Congolese people…the biggest Holocaust ever committed on the planet. Today they're still looting the Congo…still acting like the own the place. They need to be kicked out like France. They must be held accountable and pay reparations for their evils and continued thievery. One Love πŸ’˜. One Africa. Africa for Africans worldwide. Africa's resourced for Africas current and future generations and Africa's development.

  3. That gold can be used, with proper education which can be created in the country, to create computer chips and other sorts of electrical components that china and Asia make and sell for money. Africans keep screwing themselves over.

  4. What’s wrong with the aafrican brothers over there ? Run all them people off your land build you a small 50 man army and take your land and bring these people out if poverty. You got the resources to do it.

  5. These Congo πŸ‡¨πŸ‡© leaders must sleep 😴 all day you can't tell me yourπŸ’°πŸ’΅ governing a countery by shaming the Motherland like that,if you going to let your people starve and these😒 Anglo-Saxon treat you like children you should loose everything and ranπŸš·πŸš·πŸ‘‰β›”out of the country and ban for good 😈⚰πŸͺ¦βš°πŸ‘ΊπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  6. What I'm curious about is whether the DRC itself has sanctioned this Belgian thief? It will only be something to celebrate when our leaders grow the spine to take on these Western companies & individuals & stop their dependency on 'Daddy' America & 'Mama' Europe! Our continent loses about US$100 billion in illicit capital outflows every year, that's equivalent to 4% of the continent's annual GDP. This excludes the illegal smuggling of minerals to foreign destinations. The illicit smuggling of gold (only), to the UAE alone, is estimated at US$20 billion per annum. If we are ever to solve most of our problems, will have to clean up our act here at home! Getting rid of these Pensioner Presidents & reforming the AU & PAP to reflect the concerns of Africans is a good place to start. We should be less worried about term limits & more concerned with age limits!

  7. After the Kings of Belgium massacred millions of Congolese people to steal their birth rights,it is now the turn of Belgium citizens to do what their pirate and vampiric bloodsucking monarchies taught them to do. When will Africans understand that almost all white people are thieves and hungry wolves,who come as sheep ? The whiteman never helps you,without leaving you in poverty. Until Africans understand this,we only have our eyes to weep and only ourselves to blame. And our leaders castrate their own selves,by putting their stolen money in the whiteman's bank. The so-called African leaders and elite,are unable to make effective decisions against the people who have their money in their banks,for fear their wealth could be seized or frozen. So when will Africa be truly free from people of little minds,with only their sole selfish interest as a compass in a world of wolves and HYENAS. There are no more statesmen. Statesmanship is now sadly a quality of the past !

  8. Europeans especially the Belgians and the French have always looted DRC mineral wealth . The two are the financiers of blood gangs in eastern Congo everyone knows it

  9. These criminals should just drop fucking dead!!! Then treat African ppl like criminals??? These leaders who allow these criminals should be in prison

  10. Where's AU when Belgium France U.K U.S UN and allies are stealing Africa resources and wealth and why's Belgium still in Congo or any Africa wake up African leaders #No more

  11. How does sanctioning him bring back the gold or it's equivalent amount? Useless move by the bully USA government. What are Africans doing about their own resources?

  12. Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, are race betraying criminals who need to be put in prison! They continue to help the Europeans and Asians steal the natural resources of the DRC!

  13. It's worst kept secret how Rwanda and Uganda are Western allies in looting minerals from the Congo .This madness has to stop.As for the Belgians, well we know they are a fake Country that build itself on the backs on Congolese people and their resources, they are ruthless vultures like the French.

  14. Belgium has been ripping off Africa for decades if not for centuries, I would bet a good percentage of Belgium economy is run on resources they have stolen from Africa, They have been doing it so long and now you mean to tell me that the U.S. is just making mention of it with sanctions, "GIVE ME A BREAK!!!. If the Congo was ever to become a super power with the power and the might of the U.S.A, and USSR the first thing she should do is to nuke Belgium. The Congo would be justified in doing so. God knows that's the truth

  15. My questions here are; 1. How come it is the US that will sanction a Belgian stealing from Congo? Where are the Congolese to take action themselves? 2. If it was a Congolese who stole in Belgium, they be in jail by now not only sanctions? What kind of thing is this? Why can't these guys leave Africa alone? Huh!

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