November 28, 2022

27 thoughts on “Belgium Still Displaying African in Zoos, DR Congo Gets Looted Art Back, S.Africa Court Stops Shell

  1. But what about countries in Africa who are buying and treating other Africans as slaves till date? Go to North Africa where blacks are still treated like slaves.

  2. So, are their chocolatiers still making chocolate hands, as well? It is good that these unconscionable people were not & are not allowed to lie about their atrocities on the continent…This serves as strong evidence of who are the real savages👀🤷🏿‍♂️

  3. The AU should not do business with any nation that does not return the stolen Artifacts from Africa, it should be the condition for doing business in Africa.
    If you dont demand it you wont get it.

  4. You should display , so the past is never forgotten. BUt you have to take the good with the bad ! Without colonialism from Arabs and Europeans you would still be making mud houses and jumping naked in circles with dinner plates in your lips ! With no alphabet or system of governance ! LMMFAO !! You are all a joke and should be grateful for the Arabic muslim Semites and Europeans ! !

  5. That is why people who massacred over 20 million Africans should not be allowed to set foot on the African continent. You mean South Africa looter…don't compare him to Dangote. One love 💘. One Africa. Africa for Africans.

  6. Leopold -II is the most cruel monster in the history. Hitler and Stalin were not like this . To cut hands (more 1000 per day ) Hitler and Stalin did not do that.But in Belgium they named streets and squares about all cities and towns

  7. How can that Hybrid European be richer than Dangota, his is father the owner of the wealth they stole from Us? He must return the Lands and Golds they stole from Us.

  8. Wake up African leaders it's time to unite Africa as one nation one army one currencies and one government open all borders for Africans to work travel anywhere in Africa and block borders for all foreigners

  9. $ 140 millions not enough to top dangotte who is about to reap more on his new oil refinery. Just guess how much billions Nigeria will save through his new refinery ?

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