January 16, 2022

21 thoughts on “Belief Blog: Sorry, Jesus isn't white

  1. Ashra kwesi showed ancient art of Jesus and his apostles on YouTube that Jesus is a carbonated being from Ethiopia why try to deprive our people of their greatness when you can't change the truth put aside the delusion and envy and check that video out called Christianity by him

  2. These idiots sound as stupid as that blonde bimbo thinking Jesus is white and him and Santa are historical figures. Everyone knows she sounds like a Moron and these supposedly smart guys have to spend 30 minutes arguing about how she was wrong. Do some real journalism CNN, OH SORRY I forgot we're talking about the kings of FAKE NEWS . Real journalism for them is as real as Santa claus is for us.

  3. Why do you (CNN), have to make every story you run , all about race ?? FAKE NEWS CNN falls to using the race card once again because they dont know how to do real journalism.

  4. Mexican is not a race, latino is not a race. There are black, white, "asian looking" latinos, etc. They laugh at FOX but you make mistakes too (but less evident mistakes). Mexican is a nationality and latino is a culture.

  5. The people that don’t care what color Jesus is will rejoice when they go to Heaven. The people that think Jesus is white will deny Him right at the pearly gate. 😳 🧔🏾

  6. You all read the Bible lady JESUS is a black man from Africa wholly hair feet of brass like it burn in fire any thing that burn in fire is black Jamaican people have that fake Jesus on there wall and there is no such thing as Christmas so no such thing as Santa class and no body is white GOD made two nations the black man and the red man Esau what you call white nobody is white.Any time a white man mention in the Bible he has leprosy piece of paper is white the pope change JESUS from black to so-called white one more thing JESUS don’t born on the 25 of December

  7. What jesus wasn't arab he was a hebrew israelite who are black 🙄 like their father JACOB and mother his wives gtfoh haha but "santa" is black the original is…….a real person dumbasses don't even know their own history how stupid

  8. Let me guess Jesus was black. Nobody knows his color, the bible says burnt like brass, it could mean hes the color of light so bright u can't be in his presence. Coming from the middle east hes probally olive to a dark brown color. Im white but im brown all year round so who really knows, stop reaching. And Don Le, mon is a biased asshole

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