September 18, 2023
Ben Shapiro Dismantles Black Lives Matter

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SMACKS DOWN : “It has nothing to do with race.”

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20 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro Dismantles Black Lives Matter

  1. The disintegration of the family leads to the disintegration of society. This leads to the total collapse of a nation. Look around. Open your eyes.

  2. What I can't understand is that its an insult when a white man says its an cultural problem but when black stand up comedians say it its funny. Like the joke that when a black man gets 100k he will buy the most expensive car and waste the rest on bitches, If a white man gets 100k he will invest it. My point is that if black successful people say it, maybe there's a truth behind it?

  3. We are all slaves. Even within our own existance.We all do our jobs ! And sometimes we are rewarded for the ways in which we can produce a positive outcome . As long as we do our job , But sometimes, when we do our job. Management seems to ignore how well we do our jobs. And actually take credit for how that job was accomplished. Yet they never fail to criticize when the job fails to accomplish the desired effect. Such is life.

  4. Yup. As a black man I thank GOD I STOPPED listening to RAP music. It's consumed most of my family. All they do is smoke weed and dream about a better life and get jealous when others do better than them. LUCKILY they aren't doing crime….I hope. Definitely a culture problem.

  5. She really compared violent riots to white boy’s getting rowdy at Super Bowl championships. 🙈 Ha!! Can’t imagine what these people’s souls look like? Got a feeling its something like this 💩. Agenda Goons.

  6. Even if you have insurance, and they pay out. There is always losses endured to the owner that are not recouped. Also losses to the employees off the business that can't go to work during the rebuild.

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