September 22, 2023
Ben Shapiro Explains Why Conservatives Criticize the Black Lives Matter Movement

A caller asked me to give my thoughts on the movement. I explain why many conservatives are critical of the movement.

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30 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro Explains Why Conservatives Criticize the Black Lives Matter Movement

  1. The Secret Squirrel Views
    Everyone on Earth Matter's
    However when it comes to
    Black Lives Matters the organization

    There Founders believe in a Socialist and Communists Ran American they are Anti Democracy anti family
    They want a New World Order.

    At all cost..and with the help of

  2. I don’t get how anyone can say that the system is racist when we literally had a black president, not only that but he also got 2 terms

  3. Get right with God friends, don't wait another day! About 500 prophecies fulfilled hundreds and thousands of years in advance prove the Bible is God's word. Believe and repent, Romans 10:9-10!

  4. Completely wrong, ben has no idea what the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement means. You are hear listening to a math teacher explain physics. Let me help him out.
    The United States' history is white domination. From manifest destiny to the slave trade to laws that literally ensured white dominance, this country's national anthem was ONLY WHITE LIVES MATTER. The all white police forces all across America inherently thought the same and treated people of color like animals and sometimes even killed them with no repercussions. BLACK LIVES MATTER is a call out TO THE POLICE that it is we will no longer tolerate being treated like animals or them murdering our people and getting away with a slap on the wrist. Saying All Lives Matter is calling out white people's ignorance to an issue they never had to deal with!
    You are welcome.

  5. They're literally hypocrites. My friend is a police officer and I told him my views and he actually said I could be arrested for hate speech because I criticized BLM about only "some black lives matter"

  6. If you ask me about BLM, I think that Racism is getting used as a politic propaganda, and like Denzel Washington said in an interview; "it's not colour, it's culture". So, the culture that has been installed is every white man is priviliged and racist, which isn't true, my humble opinion.

  7. Almost 2 years later and BLM has spent dozens of millions of dollars for 6 private mansions from their donations. And have done NOTHING for any blacks.. PLUS there has been an over a 30% INCREASE of blacks killing blacks since 2020🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. The blm is aproud marxist organization, also marxists are biggest mass murderers in history. They couldnt care less about you and I. They only obey their master who pays them well a horrid person soros

  9. As far as Ben’s views on the “black lives matter” controversy…. Yes obviously all lives matter.
    I think some white people do feel compelled to protest “black lives matter” because we do on occasion see situations where it definitely appears like we aren’t valuing black lives as much as white people.
    I’ve seen murder cases of serial rapist killers (green river killer, Jeffery dalmer), where these men were only able to kill as much as they did because the majority of the victims were either prostitutes or low income blacks).
    I think the green river killer killed over 50 people. A crazy amount of victims. But they were prostitutes and unfortunately society doesn’t tend to value their lives as much as a prosperous white person or blonde haired child.
    There is absolutely NO WAY he would have got away with killing so many people if his victims were prosperous white people. There’s never been a known serial killer that got away with killing over 50 prosperous white people.
    Some will argue that, and it’s fine, but it’s a known fact that the police and society in general doesn’t treat a poor black persons life equally to an innocent white child who has prominent parents or white prosperous people in general.
    I think the movement is just trying to bring awareness to that.

  10. What some people seem to forget is that what got the "Black Lives Matter" slogan started is that cops were unduly beating and killing black people over minor disagreements. And then the courts and cop unions would have the backs of the cops. In essence, not only would black people be unduly killed, but their families would then suffer because they could never get justice against the cops that robbed them of their family member.

  11. Cops are in fact suppose to be held to a higher standard, and in most cases, are. When you are out there running around with a gun and a night stick, most mayors and courts insist you walk a pretty straight and narrow path. You don't want some dangerous lunatic running around with weapons cause you pinned a badge on them. Unfortunately, too many times, cops DO get away with doing things that they shouldn't, and the cops union has given them near immunity to any type of procedural or prosecutorial consequences.

  12. 5 million sub…. REALLY he peddles hate. I do not like the TERM either because its inflammatory its SHEER GOLD to racist. They can call you racist just from your comment. Once the meaning was explained why keep saying this.

  13. Thanks Ben for clearing things up! I’m white Irish and my ancestors were oppressed by England and coming to America we were hated and killed even! Had to form gangs to survive! Not like these young blacks who are hypocritical and use their gangs to sell drugs to their own people to profit! Then blame the white man! I’m a lead guitar player, love rock music, and I despise of hip hop. Cheap, redundant, easy way to make a buck music! And I’m not racist either because the blacks influenced Elvis and became rock and roll! Left wing propaganda should be hung publicly. Treason to Americans!!

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