May 29, 2023
Bernie Sanders Interrupted By Black Lives Matter Protestors | msnbc

20 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Interrupted By Black Lives Matter Protestors | msnbc

  1. Bernie stepped aside from the podium and listened to what the girls had to say is what MSNBC missed highlighting!!!! Also Hilary ignored the BLM demonstrators that showed up at her rally.

  2. Looking back from 2020 this is the event that signifies the fall of both parties involved. Everybody in this video lost. BLM got hated for disrupting the event of a man who actually fights for their cause, and Bernie now as a presidential candidate is completely unelectable because of how weak this made him look. Everybody lost.

  3. Bernie Sanders is a weak man who is peddling an ideology of weakness. Strong, intelligent people don't need or want others to be forced at the point of a gun to pay for their healthcare, etc. They buy their own insurance and/or save up, etc. or otherwise find ways of work it out for themselves and their family.

  4. Yes! Black Lives Matter! End all police brutality and oppression! Bernie 2020 – The ONLY candidate who truly represents all workers and oppressed peoples of the world!

  5. Dont believe distorted and bios commentaries by the "Left" , why do you
    think some of the BLM youtube vids have comments turned off? free your
    mind and watch this trailer ~~~> ​

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