September 22, 2023
Bernie Sanders on Black Lives Matter

Web extra: The presidential candidate talks to Jim Axelrod about his civil rights record and his run-ins with activists protesting …


10 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders on Black Lives Matter

  1. the world is going the end in 12 years !!!!!! why are we talking about this when the would is going to end in 12 years ?????
    who cares about credit cards when the world will end in 12 years Please stop talking about this and get to work on the Green New Deal !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I support civil rights and equal opportunities for all minorities but the BLM movement is unprofessional and have no respect for peaceful dialogue. They are entitled and act on impulse rather than hearing people out and using logic. MLK never stormed onto a stage and forced someone to stop talking because they didn’t talk about black issues. Instead MLK was peaceful and worked alongside whites like LBJ and JFK to find a peaceful solution to civil rights.

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